Luxury Cars on Road

Benefits of Engine Service

Published on February 28, 2018

At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we are incredibly enthusiastic about our work. We love diving…

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Audi Engine

Signs Your Car Needs Engine Service

Published on January 31, 2018

What’s one of the most panic-inducing things that can happen on your car’s dashboard indicator…

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Car Tire Service

Benefits of Tire Service

Published on December 30, 2017

Basic auto repair and auto maintenance has to include attention to the tires. Unfortunately, many vehicle…

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Car Transmission Servicing

Benefits of Transmission Service

Published on December 15, 2017

Some car owners learn the benefits of transmission service the “hard way.” They skip this…

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Car Transmission Service

Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Published on November 18, 2017

When you drive your car, you rely on a complex series of systems and steps…

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