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Sprinter Service

The working mans Go-To van. They started to import these vans into the US in 2001 under the badge of Freightliner. Since then they have been badged as a Dodge product as well as Mercedes. The once loyal truck fans have traded in the bulky lifted 4X4’s for the sleeker fuel sipping Sprinter.

They have had 4 different engine combinations up to this point. They came equipped with a 5 Cylinder 2.7 liter turbo diesel that was pretty peppy. After the facelift in 2007 and upgraded to a few engine combinations along the way. Starting with a Common Rail Diesel V6 , then to a Blue- Tec emissions setup on the original engine platform, a V6 Gasoline option that it shared from the Mercedes Car line, and lastly the 4 Cylinder Twin Turbo diesel.

All of these powertrains still use Mercedes Technology and Logic. We have been equipped with a special lift to service Sprinters along with the proper Diagnostic computers and manuals. Not only have Sprinters been considered a work van, but they have crossed over to the Family Van markets.

The maintenance and repairs follow the patterns as the car company. With proper maintenance we have seen these vans go well beyond the 300,000 mile mark on the same Engine and Transmission.

Based on our experience, this is our recommendations to service these vans:

  • Oil Change service for Vans with UNDER 100,000 miles, change every 10,000 miles
  • Oil Change Recommendations with OVER 100,000 miles, change every 7500 miles
  • Brake Flushes Recommended every 2 Years due to moisture build up in fluid
  • Coolant Service Recommended every 3 Years to maintain the proper PH balance in the system
  • Transmission Service every 60,000 miles to extend the life of the Transmission
  • Spark Plug recommended between 60k-100k depending on engine type
  • Cabin Air Filters recommended every 20-30,000 miles
  • Engine Air Filters recommended every 40,000 under normal driving conditions

We stand behind all our work by backing its with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. We can offer this by using the Original Equipped parts and having one of our Mercedes Benz trained technicians to install them on your vehicle.

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