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Drivers count on European vehicles for enhanced comforts and performance features and no brand delivers more in those areas than MINI. With unique compact body designs each MINI packs all of the performance features you would expect in a full-size vehicle without sacrificing an ounce of interior comforts for drivers and passengers alike. Because they are smaller than most luxury cars there aren’t any unnecessary things tacked on, which makes vehicle maintenance and service appointments critical no matter what needs tending to.

Routine services like oil changes and brake maintenance become even more important for the overall performance of your vehicle and the quality of mechanic performing these services will also have a big impact on the performance you get. At Escondido German Auto we provide dealership quality services and repairs for all MINI models without the hassles and high costs.

Performance Based Service & Quality Results

The mechanics at Escondido German Auto have decades of experience working with European vehicles and understand the ins and outs of each MINI model’s specific service needs. Our comprehensive service list includes:

You need your MINI to be properly serviced and balanced in order to enjoy the best possible performance and our mechanics always make sure that your car gets the service it needs, whenever you need it.

A/C System Repairs

Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Repair

Electrical Repairs

Factory Maintenance

Mileage Specific Services

Oil Leak Repairs

Engine Repairs

Suspension/Transmission Services

Brake Repair

Diagnostic Inspections

Fluid Checks and Changes

Oil Changes


Located in Escondido we also help drivers from surrounding areas including:

We offer a full 2-year/24,000 mile warranty on all services so call us today to schedule your next appointment with one of our certified mechanics.


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