The MINI’s engine is a key part that is responsible for how the vehicle runs. To keep your MINI running in a proper way, it needs some engine aids, one of which is the engine mount. The engine mount helps to keep your MINI’s engine running without issues.

However, an engine mount failure to your MINI vehicle will not only damage the engine, but will affect the overall function of your car. Hence, you need to identify ways to deal with a failure of your car’s engine mount.

What is an Engine Mount?

You may be wondering what an engine mount is and why it is important for your MINI vehicle. An engine mount is a key engine component that helps to keep the engine stationed to a set position. When a car’s engine is running, it is possible that sudden vibrations or movements, as a result of driving harshly, can cause the mounts to break. These movements can lead to damage to other engine components and the car at large.

So, an engine mount failure means the engine is not held in position and can move around. However, with proper engine mounts, the engine will remain in place while it is running.

Causes of a MINI’s Engine mount failure

The three major causes of engine mount failure in vehicles, including MINI vehicles are:

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is the most common cause of engine mount failure. The older any vehicle gets, the more wear and tear it experiences, which can lead to some damage. Wear and tear can cause a MINI’s engine mount to loosen up or break, affecting the hold on the engine.

While the general cause of engine mount failure in several vehicles, including a MINI vehicle is wear and tear, there are other reasons why a MINI’s engine mount can fail.

Improper installation

Installation faults can also be a cause of engine mount failure in a MINI vehicle. This fault, although rare, can pose a cause for concern as it can be dangerous for your car’s engine. This is also likely to occur if you recently replaced an engine or an engine mount and the new replacement was not installed properly.

Rough handling

The way a car is handled can also determine a number of things, rough handling your vehicle can easily damage the engine mount. If a car is frequently jerked about, the engine mounts can gradually loosen until they get free and can no longer hold the engine in position.

Signs of engine mount failure

The following signs can indicate if there is an issue with your MINI’s engine mount:

  • Weird sounds when you hit the brakes or you slow down after accelerating for a while.
  • Excessive vibrations that originate from the engine area.
  • Aggressive movements that sometimes shake your MINI vehicle.

3 Tips to Help Deal with a MINI’s Engine Mount Failure

1. Preventive maintenance

If you recently changed your vehicle’s engine mount, you can avoid engine mount failure issues by regularly inspecting for damage or signs or improper installation. You should also take preventive measures by driving carefully and avoiding constant car jerking to prevent damage to the engine mount.

2. Change the engine mount

A solution to a faulty engine mount is to find replacements. You may need to remove the old mounts and replace them with new mounts. However, follow your vehicle’s manual to ensure you do things correctly.

3. Visit a professional mechanic

The best way to deal with a MINI’s engine mount problem is to take your car to a reliable mechanics shop to check out the issue and fix it. Engine mount problems can cause severe damage to your car engine if it is not properly addressed. Hence, only professionals should be trusted with your car to avoid further damage.

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