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What’s one of the most panic-inducing things that can happen on your car’s dashboard indicator panel? If you said the “check engine” light illuminating, we agree. Millions of drivers know the sense of dread that washes over them when that small light suddenly blinks to life. Fortunately, at Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA we have the skills and tools needed to diagnose these issues, but we still want all of our clients to know the signs of when a car needs engine service.

More Than a Light

If you see that light, it is a clear sign you need immediate engine service in Escondido, but there are other signs that engine service or engine repair is on the horizon. Let’s consider some major indicators that you may needs engine service soon:

Exhaust smoke

While this comes from the tail end of the car, the exhaust may smoke because there is oil leaking from the engine and down on to the heated parts below. If you also detect a burning smell when the car is smoking, it is a sign that your car needs engine service.

Smoke under the hood

The car must never have smoke coming from the hood. This can mean many things, but if you see that the temperature gauge is climbing and there is smoke, pull over and allow it to cool down. Your car most definitely needs engine service immediately.


Cars with leaks are common, but if the leak is towards the front and has a darker or reddish color, it could be engine oil. This is a clear indicator you require engine repair.

Transmission trouble

Does the car struggle to get to normal speeds? Does it make odd sounds or seem to surge forward all of the sudden? This means there could be an engine issue.


This is a big sign that repairs are needed, and if the engine seems to be making odd sounds, racing, or even vibrating, get it to our garage immediately.

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