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Check Engine Light

Perfect Check Engine Light Diagnosing Shop in Escondido

check engine light can turn on for just about any reason imaginable and once it’s on it can be a hassle getting the problem taken care of. Oftentimes dealerships are the only place that has the proper engine code readers and equipment but expensive costs and extended wait times can make it hard for drivers to get the services their car needs. Instead of settling for subpar work see why so many drivers throughout Escondido prefer the expert mechanics at Escondido German Auto.

Preserving Your Car’s Performance

At Escondido German Auto we provide check engine light services and the corresponding repairs for a wide variety of makes and models including:

Each of these brands is known for their performance capabilities and any number of problems that cause the check engine light to turn on can severely limit the enjoyment you get out of your vehicle.

German Auto Illuminated Check Engine Light

Diagnosing the Problem Early on

Each service appointment with our mechanics begins with a comprehensive diagnostic inspection to determine the exact cause for your check engine light. From there we handle all necessary repairs including:

  • Catalytic converter failure
  • O2 sensor repairs/failure
  • Engine damages
  • Loose/cracked gas caps
  • Battery failure/issues
  • Various systems problems

All of our repairs come with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty designed to further protect you and your vehicle.

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If you’re in Escondido, Rancho BernardoValley Center and the surrounding areas then visit Escondido German Auto today. Driving with a check engine light turned on can lead to numerous expensive problems and headaches down the road so call today and schedule service with one of our expert mechanics before your car begins to suffer.


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