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Top-notch Oil Change in Escondido at Escondido German Auto

If you’re experiencing problems with your car like sputtering performance, harder acceleration or diminished fuel efficiency it may be a sign of old engine oil. As the miles add up on your car the engine oil begins to get contaminated and filled with build-up and debris that makes it less efficient for lubricating the components in your engine. This extra strain on your vehicle can lead to accelerated issues throughout your vehicle so following the proper schedule for your car’s oil change is a great way to maintain the overall health of your car.

At Escondido German Auto our mechanics always perform oil changes with the highest quality replacement materials to further ensure your car’s performance is maintained the right way.

Brands Serviced at EGA

Our mechanics specialize in the service of German-made brands such as:

Our state of the art service center features the latest tools and materials designed for each brand’s specific services including oil changes.
Keeping your car original will go a long way to making sure that every oil change has the complete benefits it should.


Driving on old engine oil is never advised as it can have severe effects on your car’s engine. Instead of dealing with sudden engine seizing or failure call the experts at Escondido German Auto. Our mechanics are here to take proper care of all of your car’s maintenance needs so schedule your next oil change today.

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