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Leading BMW Repairing & Servicing Center in Escondido

You can’t bill yourself as “the Ultimate Driving Machine” without the goods to back it up and for over 100 years BMW has been innovating and perfecting a wide array of models. Each BMW comes with a highly specialized system that requires a unique service plan to maintain the performance and amenities they’ve staked their reputation on for decades. Chances are that if you’ve driven a BMW you know that when something is even slightly off then you can feel it.

Due to the exact requirements of BMW service plans owners will typically stick with the dealerships for all of their maintenance needs but high costs and inexperienced technicians can lead to more problems than you had going in. Escondido German Auto provides drivers throughout the Escondido area with a reliable alternative that never sacrifices the quality of service.

Specific Plans for Each Model

Our expert mechanics have decades of experience working with all models of BMW and as a result we’re able to provide superior services no matter the age or condition of your vehicle. We use the latest manufacturer materials and parts to handle all services in-house including:

Because we use OEM parts on all repairs we’re able to offer a comprehensive 2-year/24,000 mile warranty on all services performed on your BMW.

A/C System Repairs

Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Repair

Electrical Repairs

Factory Maintenance

Mileage Specific Services

Oil Leak Repairs

Engine Repairs

Suspension/Transmission Services

Brake Repair

Diagnostic Inspections

Fluid Checks and Changes

Oil Changes


Your BMW responds to quality whether it’s in the fuel you use at the gas station, the replacement oil in an oil change or the annual services it receives. Instead of overpaying at the dealership or dealing with inexperienced technicians call the experts at Escondido German Auto today. We’ve been Escondido’s preferred service center for years and proudly service the surrounding areas so please call us today to schedule your BMW’s next maintenance appointment.


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