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At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we are incredibly enthusiastic about our work. We love diving into any German car repair or auto service. We are greatly knowledgeable and skilled in brands like PorscheMercedes and BMW. We have invested in diagnostic gear, training and are committed to meeting and exceeding the manufacturer’s standards where car service is concerned. This is why one of the best auto repair habits we can encourage our clients to form is engine service. The benefits of engine service are incredible, and particularly when you are the happy owner of a German car.

Let’s consider the benefits of engine service in our shop:

Fuel economy

Whether you drive a Sprinter van, a Mini or a Mercedes, you can still maximize your MPGs. An oil change and one of our regular services does not always guarantee the very best fuel economy. It is only when you allow us to do our customized engine service that we can find any issues that could be impairing efficiency. Fuel lines or pumps could be an issue, and is something we can uncover during your service.

Maintain the value

German car owners usually get “bitten” by the bug forever, and will only sell their current vehicle to purchase another one. Because our clients drive their cars many years, and then sell them privately, one of the benefits of engine service is that it gives you a printed record, only enhancing the overall value of the already valuable car. Your buyer can know they are getting a loved vehicle.

You get the performance that you bought the car for

The key benefits of engine service are that our services consider more than just the engine. We build other expert inspections into the process. Each can readily detect issues that may be impairing or compromising the engine’s performance.

We are German car mechanics and specialists, and when you get an engine service in our shop, you can be sure that it is meant to meet the specific designs of that car. Whether it is one designed for driving, like a Porsche, or for luxury, like a Mercedes, our services will be optimized.

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