Basic auto repair and auto maintenance has to include attention to the tires. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners don’t consider tire service until it is needed. At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we are car fanatics and we encourage all of our customers to learn about the benefits of tire service done before it becomes an essential car repair.

Just consider this one simple fact – it is much more affordable to purchase new tires than to pay for a massive repair that has to be done because old and worn tires led to major trouble. After all, all that stands between the car and the road are those tires, so consider these major benefits of tire service:

You enjoy a better experience – Drive your car with old tires and then hop in once new ones are installed and you won’t believe the radical difference in the feel, the control, the “grab,” and the overall smoothness. Most of our customers often say that driving is even quieter with just a simple tire service. If you drive regularly, and most of our clients do, you must include this service in your regular maintenance.

You get good traction –  This is a bit of a no brainer for most experienced car owners, but it is also one of the best benefits of tire service. Your tires are going to be able to provide premium performance that allows you to drive the way you want. We can point out the right tires for your needs, whether they are all weather or performance based.

You get better mileage – We all appreciate getting the most out of a gallon of gas, and tires are a big culprit in cutting our fuel efficiency. Not just tires that are without the right air pressure, but also tires that are not balanced, mounted properly or chosen correctly. Among the benefits of tire service is our expert advice and skill.

You are safer – A blow out or flat can easily lead to an accident, and sudden braking or fast turns are not so effective with bad tires. You are just safer in general when you have tires that offer good traction, performance and durability.

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