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Premier Mercedes Benz Repair & Servicing Facility in Escondido

For over a century Mercedes has manufactured reliable and dependable vehicles that don’t sacrifice anything in the way of performance or comforts. Whether you have a brand new model or an older one that’s seen better days, high quality maintenance work will go a long way to helping your car last as the mileage adds up over time. With an emphasis on keeping your Mercedes original, the technicians at Escondido German Auto make sure to follow your vehicle’s service requirements to a tee.

Service on Your Schedule

One of the biggest complaints we often hear from drivers about visiting dealerships are the extended wait times for even minor services or maintenance needs. At Escondido German Auto we offer same-day services whenever possible and work as fast as we can to find a solution to anything ailing your vehicle. Our available Mercedes services include:

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We are also proud to offer one of the area’s best warranties with a 2- year/24,000 mile warranty on all repairs performed by our mechanics.

Servicing Escondido Proudly

For over 20 years we’ve remained Escondido’s preferred German auto service center with our friendly staff of experienced mechanics and commitment to quality service. Call us today to schedule maintenance for your vehicle and preserve your Mercedes’ luster for years to come.


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