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The engine is what makes a Car, a Car. Serving as the heart of the automobile, the engine converts fuel into energy by combining and igniting the proper mixture of fuel and air, turning the energy into the rotary force used to accelerate the vehicle.

Similar to the transmission, the engine consists of many moving parts, and is prone to errors. Modern engines are fitted with monitoring sensors providing feedback during diagnostic checks to determine which parts of the engine are misfiring. Our mechanics will use the data not only to identify the problem, but their experience will give them the insight to implement the correct solution as well. Escondido German Auto understands the quality of the Car’s engine, and will treat the repair with the respect a German Car deserves.

How an Engine Works

After the fuel-air mixture is drawn into each cylinder, the pistons reach the bottom of the cylinder. The intake valve then closes, drawing the piston back up the shaft, compressing the fuel-air mixture. A sparkplug ignites the air, exploding the mixture and expanding the gas, pushing the piston down with the force required to turn the crankshaft (which is connected to the transmission). With the piston at the bottom, the exhaust valve opens, discharging the burned gas to the exhaust system. The intake valves are fixed by the camshaft, a rotating rod with lobed connectors that connect to each cylinder, resulting in an alternating pattern of compression and expansion of the shafts. A timing chain synchronizes the rotation of the cam and crank shafts, producing one revolution of the cam shaft for every two revolutions of the crank shaft.The primary method of generating power in an engine is internal combustion by igniting a fuel-air mixture. Air is sucked in through the air cleaner and travels to the throttle plate, with the amount of air controlled by the gas pedal. The air is then distributed through the intake manifold to each cylinder. During the distribution of air, fuel is added to the streams by either a fuel injection system or a carburetor.

Engines must run at a stable operating temperature to achieve ideal performance. Lack of proper cooling can result in destruction of the engine due to the massive amounts of heat generated from the combustion process. Most engines use a liquid-based cooling system, circulating coolant throughout the engine back to the radiator, where it is cooled off.


As explained above, an engine needs all the components to be in working order for the car to run properly. Aside from the moving parts in the combustion process, the cooling system needs to have adequate levels of fluid, while the oil needs to be regularly changed and flushed. Most engine issues arise from worn timing belts, expired oil, or faulty cooling resulting in structural damage to the engine block itself from misfiring parts or excessive heat.

German-built engines require parts, experience, and knowledge specialized towards the unique build of these systems. We carry the most manufacturer authorized parts in the Escondido area, and our certified technicians have some of the most extensive experience working with German car engine systems.


The Car’s engine and transmission systems are the most complex parts of any car. Our computerized diagnostic scans will check the monitor readouts from the engine block itself, while our engine run tests can assess the performance of the engine during operation before and after the repair. A multi-point inspection will ensure that the sensor codes are up to date and functioning properly.

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Don’t leave engine inspections and repairs to any mechanic. Our ASE certified and factory trained technicians possess the know how to identify and correct the problem, whatever it may be. We also carry one of the extensive inventories of original equipment manufacturer parts. To schedule an assessment of your Car’s engine in the Escondido area, call Escondido German Auto today.

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