When you drive your car, you rely on a complex series of systems and steps to get it moving, handle and control it, make it stop and keep it running smoothly. One of the most important parts of the entire process is the transmission, and these are wildly complex devices. They can be manual or automatic, packed with computers and electronics, and be linked to front or rear wheel drive vehicles, all-wheel drive cars, and more. This is why we at Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA want to help you recognize when your car needs transmission service.

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We all understand that car maintenance and auto repair ensure that our vehicles remain in the best condition. We may follow the car maker’s recommendations for auto maintenance, but even so, it may not protect us from certain problems or issues. This is why we suggest you know the signs that you need transmission service in Escondido.

What are these signs? A car needs transmission service when:

Warning lights

It is no longer the era of similar warning lights on a dashboard. Instead, each model or make has its own unique warning lights. Because of that, you need to familiarize yourself with your car’s indicators and to be ready to take action if they illuminate. Also keep the transmission temperature gauge in mind, and if it gets higher than normal, it is a sign that the car needs transmission service.

Fluid leaks

Never think “it is just one or two drops”. If you have dark fluid leaking beneath the front of the car, it could be oil or transmission fluid. Both are bad, and the leaking transmission can quickly turn into a costly repair that may even lead to a transmission replacement!


That sweet or tangy odor that you smell can be a clear sign that something has gone wrong with the transmission. This is the smell of the transmission fluid burning as it drips onto hot parts of the car. It is a very clear sign your car needs transmission service immediately.

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