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Your German Car is an automobile of reputable quality – the services it receives should be of no less. At Escondido German Auto, we are committed to providing our customers with the best German auto repair experience possible while offering the most comprehensive German auto repair and maintenance services in the Escondido area. You can be assured of honest pricing and quality work by our factory trained technicians with original German factory components.



A Car is more than just the sum of its parts, so it’s vital to keep those parts in proper working order at a reasonable price. A single element out of line can have disastrous side effects on other unrelated parts, not to mention the obvious initial damage resulting from operating the vehicle with a faulty component. Our knowledgeable staff possesses the expertise required to keep your car running smoothly or address any automotive issues properly with integrity. The quality of service done to your Car and your complete satisfaction are what Escondido German Auto is about.

Here at Escondido German Auto, our most common services include:

About Us

Escondido German Auto is an independent automotive service center specializing in German Auto maintenance and repair services. With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, the factory trained and ASE certified technicians at Escondido German Auto are knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to German made Cars. Escondido German Auto maintains a personalized, detailed repair history for every customer and car to ensure accuracy and quality for every job. Using the latest techniques in craftsmanship and state of the art diagnostic equipment, Escondido German Auto is the best automotive service center in the Escondido and San Diego area.

German Cars are unique vehicles which require unique expertise. Our certified mechanics will accurately identify the issue with computerized diagnostics and recommend the best course of action with manufacturer approved equipment.

Contact Us

Call us at Escondido German Auto today to speak with one of our highly trained and friendly staff members to assist you with your Car’s repair needs. To schedule an appointment and free safety inspection or service assessment, contact Escondido area German auto repair specialist Dustie Michael or Derek McCubbin today.




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