Transmission Service Overview

A transmission, simply stated, is never going to last forever. If you are in the habit of trading in your car regularly, you may never have to deal with transmission problems, but if you are planning on keeping it for a while, then you should have regular transmission service to guard yourself against catastrophic failure that could leave you stranded on the roadside.

So, how do you know if you need transmission service? Usually the first indication is funny noises coming from under the hood, or trouble shifting. In either case, a visit to Escondido German Auto to have the problem diagnosed is in order.

Now, you may need to decide whether you are going to have your transmission repaired or replaced, or junk the car. The biggest factors here are cost and the likelihood of further damage. You could elect to have “stop gap” transmission service measures done that will give your transmission a bit longer life, if you are planning on replacing the car in the not-too-distant future. You could replace the transmission and use your vehicle for longer. Or, if it looks like the damage to the transmission could affect other parts of the vehicle, you may simply want to go shopping for a new rig.

Often, replacement is the best solution over transmission service or repair, simply because tearing down and repairing can lead to so much cost in terms of shop time, you are actually better off financially with a replacement. Also, you will end up with a transmission that will cause you fewer problems later on.

Another option is to get a replacement transmission from a junkyard. You wouldn’t be the first person who has benefited from someone else’s misfortune. A car could be totaled in a roll-over, for instance, but still have a perfectly good transmission. Service it regularly after you’ve had it popped in, and you’ll get many years out of it.

Of course the best course of action is to keep your transmission in good shape. Regular transmission service can dramatically reduce the chance of costly problems. Often, something as simple as regular fluid replacement can keep things running well so that you will not need repairs for a long time.

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