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Whether you are a car aficionado or someone who just enjoys using a car each day, it is likely that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the suspension on the vehicle. That’s okay, because at Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA, we do spend time thinking about this vital system in your car, and we can provide essential car repair in Escondido. We also encourage everyone to know the signs of when a car needs a suspension service.

Getting Suspension Service in Escondido

So, how can you know when your car needs a suspension service? The first thing to do is to know just what the suspension involves. It is the support system for the car, and includes the struts and the shocks. When you hit a bump, remain firmly in your seat and retain control of the car, thank the suspension!

Naturally, that means one sign that your car needs a suspension service is if the ride is not so smooth. Let’s look at all of the signs to be sure you know when to get in touch with us and book some repair in Escondido.

Rough ride

Does it feel like every bump jostles you around or makes the car bounce a bit too roughly? If so, it is time for that service.

Lurching at stops

If your car feels like it leans heavily into every stop, swaying forward as you press down on the brakes, it is because the shocks are allowing the weight of the car to move forward from the force exerted. This actually extends stopping time and needs a quick repair.

Pulls in turns

The shocks keep your car stable and in alignment with centrifugal forces. If you turn and it feels like the car is pulling too hard, you are actually at risk for rolling over, and it is clearly a sign that the car needs a suspension service.

The tires are unevenly wearing

Though this could be alignment, but might also be due to the suspension unevenly distributing the weight of the car.

Oily shocks

If you can see the shocks of the car, and they are covered in oil or fluid, it is likely that this fluid has come from inside of them and that they cannot provide the cushioning and support needed.

Contact Escondido German Auto for Suspension Service

If you have additional questions about signs your car needs a suspension service, or about any of the other services mentioned here, give us a call at our Escondido, CA office at 760-291-8520. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more about suspension service, read our suspension service overview.

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