Suspension Service Overview

Your car’s suspension is something that you likely take for granted. Think about this, though – your shocks and struts are supporting tons of metal day after day, year after year. It almost goes without saying that they will eventually wear out, and you will need suspension service. You probably notice problems with your suspension when you start to get a bumpy ride, but your suspension does much more than keep you in comfort. If you have suspension problems, you could end up having trouble turning, stopping, or controlling the vehicle. Accordingly, you should never neglect suspension service for your car.

So, how will you know when it is time for suspension service? You will notice several things.

Rough Ride

You will usually be able to tell if your struts or shocks are wearing out when you start to feel all the bumps in the road, or you bounce excessively when hitting even a small pothole.

Pulling or Drifting

If your car seems to be drifting or pulling when you turn, then your shocks are no longer working properly. Left neglected, this could lead to a rollover, so see your mechanic right away for suspension service.

Diving or Dipping When Stopping

Worn out shocks will cause your car to lurch downward and forward when you brake. This means that you will not be able to stop as quickly as you should, so again, you need suspension service.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you examine your tires, and it looks as though you have a lot more tread on the inside than on the outside, or vice versa, that means that your suspension is uneven. There is too much pressure on one side of your tires. This can lead to instability, and difficulty controlling your vehicle.

Fluid Leaks

If you notice puddles of fluid under your car, take a look at your struts and shocks. If they look greasy, then they could be the source of the leak. If they are leaking, then they are not working properly, and it is time for suspension service to have them replaced.

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