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EGA Brake, Suspension and Tire Services


While the engine and transmission might be the most complex and integral components of a car, your brakes, suspension, and tires share the responsibility of a comfortable and safe drive.

Brakes receive the most damage of any part throughout the lifetime of a vehicle. Pads must be checked regularly to prevent damage to the rotors, while fluids in automatic braking systems must be flushed routinely as well. Faulty brakes can result in damage to the transmission and engine.

Suspension should be properly adjusted to ensure a comfortable ride. Proper alignment will allow the car to corner fluidly, decreasing the stiffness of the roll and bend of the chassis.

Rotation of tires distributes the wear from driving across all the tires, as the wear on the carcass differs from tire to tire.

Our factory trained technicians appreciate the driving quality of a German car, and know what it takes to preserve that feeling when your car is out on the road.


The brakes are the most important part of your car. A typical braking system consists of a master cylinder, located under hood, directly connected to the brake pedal. Depression of the pedal converts the mechanical pressure from the foot to hydraulic pressure. Hard brake lines and soft brake hoses filled with fluid connect the master cylinder to each of the slave cylinders on each wheel. The brake itself is composed of the pads, calipers and disk, or rotor. The cylinders push shoes and pads against the drum and rotor, causing drag, slowing down the vehicle. A brake service can provide many benefits.

Safety and Comfort

Your Car rides on the suspension, relies on the brakes to stop, and grips the road with its tires, so naturally the safety and comfort level of the drive can be compromised if any of these components are out of order. Escondido German Auto recognizes that safety and comfort are part of what makes driving an German Car such an enjoyable experience, and our trained staff will make sure these aspects are retained to their fullest.

Call Us for Brake, Suspension, and Tire Inspections in the Escondido Area

Don’t risk your safety by leaving your brakes and tires worn. Maintain the driving comfort your Car is known for. The safety of the driver and performance of a German Car are what we strive for. You can be assured of quality work performed by our certified technicians, offering the most trusted service in the Escondido area, so call us today to schedule a brake, suspension or tire inspection.

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