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The Ultimate Driving Machine is the slogan most people associate to this car brand. It has been reported that what makes BMW’s / MINI’s so unique is their ability to make you one
We have Multiple Factory ISTA Factory BMW Scan tools on the premises, allowing us to properly diagnose any ailments that your BMW might have. We use only the factory OEM parts and Swear by the factory recommended Castrol Blend for BMW. You can rest assure that your BMW / MINI is in good hands. (P.S. we are a bunch of BMW nuts on top of it)with the car. Fun to drive factor is what has built this brand. What we have done here at EGA is to ensure all our repairs compliment these fine running machines.

Recommended Services on these cars are pretty advanced. The Newer CBS car’s (Condition Based Service) calculate your service based on driving habits and mileage. We recommend to service your car more regularly than what’s recommended by the factory, since the factory is only responsible to repair the vehicle under its manufacture warranty.

Fluids are the lifeblood of the car. Our recommendations (based on our experience) is to service them regularly to extend the life of the moving parts on the Vehicle. Here are a few of examples of BMW/Mini standard services for your review:

  • For cars under 100K miles the Engine Oil should be changed every 10,000 miles
  • Cars with over 100K miles we recommend to change your oil every 7500 miles
  • Brake Flushes Recommended every 2 Years due to moisture build up in fluid
  • Coolant Service Recommended every 3 Years to maintain the proper PH balance in the system
  • Transmission Service every 60,000 miles to extend the life of the Transmission
  • Spark Plug recommended between 60k-100k depending on engine type
  • Cabin Air Filters recommended every 20-30,000 miles
  • Engine Air Filters recommended every 40,000 under normal driving conditions

We stand behind all our work by backing its with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. We can offer this by using the Original Equipped parts and having one of our BMW trained technicians to install them on your vehicle.

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