When it comes to living in Escondido, you can expect to wash your car a lot with our dry and dusty weather. Many of our clients don’t know what kind of car wash they should use for their car. Little do they know that some are more damaging than others. Escondido German Auto is here to help you keep your car clean without damaging it. See what kind of car wash is right for you.

Self-Service Car Wash

If you prefer to wash things by hand but can’t do it in the comfort of your home, you should opt for a self-service car wash. Self-service car washes have professional tools and products for you to clean your car effectively yourself. This option is safe for your car if you drive a convertible or have a roof rack. The self-service machines typically charge a fee that goes towards water and soap. You can usually vacuum your car there as well.

We recommend those who are going to self-wash to avoid doing so when the car has been running for a while or has been sitting in direct sunlight. This is because the heat on your car will cause the soap to dry onto your car resulting in spots. Wash and rinse one section at a time to avoid spots.

Hand Car Wash

If you don’t want to wash your car yourself, but still want the results of a hand car wash, try a hand car wash service. These are becoming more popular due to the concern of machine washes being harmful to your car. Employees at a hand car wash will wash your car by hand so you don’t have to worry about any damage occurring. In addition, they may also offer a complete interior cleaning as well.

Automatic Car Wash

Your last option for washing your car is an automatic car wash. These are the best option if you just want a quick car wash. This uses a conveyor system that takes your car through a washing and drying process. This will remove dirt and grime. There are some car washes out there that clean without brushes which may prevent cosmetic damage from occurring. Remove exterior items from your cars like antennas, roof racks, or anything in the bed of your truck.

One of the downsides of automatic car washes is that they can be damaging to cars. The brushes used are typically harsh and can harm convertible tops and rip off the roofs of cars with roof racks. We recommend avoiding this type of car wash if you’re concerned about car damage.

Why Wash My Car?

When you wash your car regularly, you can help your car avoid rust and corrosion. In addition, it will always look great!

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