brake repair faqsAt Escondido German Auto, our customers ask us a lot of questions about brake repairs. To give you a better idea of what is going on with your brakes and when you might need brake service, we have put together these helpful brake repair FAQs.

How Often Should I Get Brake Service?

This is one of the most common brake repair FAQs we hear almost every day. If you notice anything wrong with your brakes, you should get them serviced immediately. Whether you have a problem in your brake cylinder, your pads need to be replaced, your rotors need to be resurfaced, or you need any other brake repair in Escondido, the problem will only get worse if you put off service.

Even if you do not notice an issue with your brakes, you should get your brakes inspected at regular intervals. Your vehicle’s manual should have information on when to get regular brake service, but coming in at least once a year to get your brakes checked is a good start.

My Brakes Are Squealing – What Does It Mean?

Another of the brake repair FAQs our customers bring us on a regular basis, if your brakes are squealing, it usually means that your pads are showing signs of wear and need to be replaced. In fact, most brake pads have built-in “squealers” to let you know that it is time to get brake service so that you do not lose stopping power or do damage to your rotors.

What Does a Brake Inspection Include?

A complete brake inspection will include a visual check of all of the components involved in your braking system, including your brake pads and calipers, your rotors or drums, all hardware and hoses, your wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, master brake cylinder, and any other parts that assist your car in stopping.

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