There is that old saying about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone, and nowhere is this more painful to discover than with your vehicle’s brakes. Sadly, many drivers don’t give a lot of attention to brakes until they malfunction, or fail. This is why Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA encourages all of our clients to take time to learn how to know when their car needs a brake repair long before the brakes fail.

First Steps

Do you know where the brakes are located on the car? Not the brake pedal but the actual brakes. If so, you can always learn how to visually gauge the condition of the brake pads and the rotors. However, few of our clients can do this, and so we offer these fail-proof signs that you need auto repair in Escondido:


If your car was sitting outside during a downpour, and you did not drive it right away, your brakes may screech. This is to be expected. however, if that screeching does not stop and/or does not occur due to rain, it is time to book some brake repair in Escondido…immediately.


Another sign that a car needs a brake repair is when it feels as if it pulls to one side or the other any time you apply the brakes. It is often going to tug to the same side, and it is a moment to book a visit to the garage.


This is a scary sign that a car needs a brake repair because it feels as if the brakes are not really responding to your pushing on the brake pedal. In fact, it may reach almost all of the way to the floor before you feel the braking begin. Again, get to the garage ASAP.


A metallic grinding sound when using the brakes means you have worn out the brake pads entirely. This can lead to very expensive repairs such as caliper and disc replacement.


If the brake pedal feels like it is vibrating when you push on it, and it is not the ABS kicking in, it is likely that your rotors are warped, and this means brake work is needed.

It is not always easy to know when car needs a brake repair well ahead of trouble, but we hope these tips help you to recognize the warning signs.

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