Summer in Escondido is no joke. We have sailing temperatures much higher than the rest of the county. While you’re in your car, you most likely want to escape the heat, not make it feel worse. With these tips to help keep your car cool this summer, you won’t have to worry about suffering from heat exhausting while driving around town. Visit Escondido German Auto for summer maintenance for your German car in Escondido.

Block Your Windows from the Sun

When your car is parked, if possible, park it in a garage. This will prevent your car from being excessively hot when you enter it to leave. If you don’t have a garage or room to park your car in it, there are plenty of other things you can do to keep your car cool.

Use Sun Shades

With a good sun shade over your front window, you can block a large number of sun rays from entering your car. This can actually help keep your car’s temperature a bit cooler which will help your car cool down much faster when you turn it on.

Tint Your Windows

This can be a bit more expensive than a sunshade, but there are tons of deals around the internet that can help you have this done for a decent price. Tinting your windows can help block the sun and keep your car even cooler. Combine tinted windows with a sunshade in the front and you’re looking at a much cooler car.

Covered Parking

If you don’t have a garage, covered parking is still a good option. You can get a pop-up tent to place in your driveway to park underneath. If you ever have the option of parking in covered parking, or even under a tree, this will help keep your car significantly cooler this summer.

Crack Your Windows

Leaving your windows just the slightest bit cracked can help give airflow throughout your car. This will help keep your car a bit cooler than it would with completely shut windows. Make sure not to crack them more than an inch to minimize the possibility of theft.

Keep Your Seats Cool

If you have leather seats, summer can be a painful time. When your seats sit in the sun all day and you go to sit in your seat, it can definitely burn! You can always use seat covers during the summertime or lay a towel down on your seat when you’re not in the car to avoid burning yourself. If possible, purchase a car with air conditioned seats! If you find that leather is too much of a problem in this California sun, opt for cloth seats instead.

Get Regular Maintenance from Escondido German Auto

The best way to keep your car cool this summer is actually with proper auto maintenance. Visit Escondido German Auto to ensure your car is functioning correctly and that your air conditioner works well enough to cool your car down this summer. Give us a call today or use our contact form to schedule an appointment today.

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