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If you own or Porsche or you might potentially be thinking of purchasing a Porsche, it’s important to know what type of problems you might encounter down the line. At Escondido German Auto, we want what is best for our customer which is why we compiled this list of some of the most common Porsche repairs to watch out for. Make sure to visit our Escondido mechanic when you do encounter Porsche problems.

Cooling Issues

One of the most common Porsche commons out there is cooling issues. It’s common for Porsche owners to need to reseal the coolant distribution pipe. If you notice that your car is dripping coolant or its left a puddle in your garage or driveway, this is a major sign that your coolant distribution pipe has a hole and you need to repair it. To avoid this problem from occurring, you should visit your Porsche mechanic regularly to have your coolant system maintained. With proper maintenance, your Porsche can avoid coolant leakage. Another common sign that there is a coolant leak is that your engine is running hot.

Engine Problems

If you happen to see smoke coming from the engine, you’re not alone. Engine problems are quite common with Porsche owners. The smoke can be caused by an overfilled oil tank which is a common problem when you visit an auto shop for an oil change when they don’t specialize in Porsche care. Engine smoke can also be caused by a faulty oil separator. This is what separates the oil from the air. If your engine is smoking, this can also be caused by faulty timing chains. If your timing chain doesn’t stretch, the chain guides will become worn and then fail.

Steering and Suspension Problems

If you see the ABS warning light come on, this is a common problem for Porsches. The automatic braking system can be replaced or even rebuilt if it needs to be.  In addition, the CV joints in Porsches demand more strength than usual vehicles. This can lead to the need for more repairs. With proper maintenance like grease boots for cracks or tears, your Porsche can expect to not run into problems.

Transmission Problems

The last major problem that Porsche owners encounter is transmission problems. If you struggle to get your Porsche into gear on a manual transmission or you happen to hear a grinding sound when you shift, you might have worn synchros. With regular transmission service, you can expect for your transmission to run smoothly. If you have an automatic transmission, you should still service it regularly to ensure for smooth performance.

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If you own a Porsche, it’s important that you know what type of repairs you might encounter and other problems that are common with Porsches. This way, you know what you are getting into when you buy the car. Make sure to visit Escondido German Auto for Porsche repairs in Escondido by giving us a call or filling out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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