Porsche Service Overview

Our Porsche service in Escondido, CA focuses on the details we know are essential to a proper car maintenance or car repair on this nearly legendary brand.  Described as a “car enthusiast’s car,” we focus on keeping any Porsche we service at the absolute peak of performance. We have as much enthusiasm about the Porsche as most owners, and at Escondido German Auto we have created a tailor-made service plan for the long term care and upkeep of these vehicles.

We understand that some models are a bit higher maintenance and that the unusual engine mounting of certain models can make quality care challenging. We are up to the challenge and have all of the diagnostic equipment and knowledge needed to work on a classic as well as one of the newer Porsche SUVs.

The Porsche service model we follow is:

  • We use only OEM parts, and we have special Porsche trained technicians on hand.
  • We are fully dedicated to the entire Porsche lineup, offering service on any model – including the latest SUVs.
  • Our Porsche service options recognize the demands of water-cooled engines as well as the updates to the use of hydraulic lifters and coolant, and we have built this service model that addresses all of the fluids and filters, and we adhere to the recommendations necessary for not only operating well, but actually lengthening the life of your vehicle. The recommended services include oil changes every 7k to 10k miles, depending on your vehicle’s mileage, brake flushes every two years, coolant service every three years, transmission services every 60k miles, spark plug updates every 60k to 100k miles, cabin air filter changes ever 20k to 30k miles and engine filter changes ever 40k miles.

Because we adhere to this impressive schedule and system for Porsche service, including OEM parts, you get a two-year or 24k mile warranty on our work. We know how much fun it is to drive these vehicles, and so we ensure that your Porsche service leaves you with no worries behind the wheel.

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If you need more information about our Porsche service options, or you have questions about other services mentioned, give us a call at our Escondido, CA office at 760-291-8520. You can also use our online contact form and one of our service team will get back to you promptly.

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