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Brake Service Overview

Chances are that you never even think about your car’s brakes until they stop working properly. When that happens, you need to arrange for brake service immediately. Do not even think about trying to limp around, because if you do, you are not just endangering yourself, but anyone else who may come into contact with you on the road.

So, how can you tell that you need brake service? Some signs are very obvious – if you have no braking power at all, then obviously brake service is extremely important. Other signs, though, may not be quite so recognizable, so let’s talk about them.

Squealing Brakes

This is an indication that your brake pads are becoming worn. If you notice a shrill sound when you apply your brakes, it could be the first sign of brake failure. If dealt with right away, you may just need to have your brake pads replaced. If neglected, though, you could end up with damage to rotors and calipers, which can be quite costly.


If your car shakes or vibrates when you try to stop, the damage may already have gotten to the point where your rotors are warped. This can significantly reduce your braking power, so see your mechanic for brake service immediately.

Grinding or Howling

Grinding or a howling noise usually means that you have practically nothing left of your brake pads – this is a metal-on-metal sound that means you need immediate brake service. If neglected, the rotors and brake drums can be ruined, and again, you will be in for costly repairs that could have been prevented.

Soft Pedal

If you find that you have to push down hard or pump your brakes in order to stop, you could have a brake fluid leak, air in the brake lines, or a more serious issue. Again, brake service is of the utmost importance.


If your car pulls to one side when you brake, it could mean that your brake pads have worn unevenly, you have a broken brake line, or there are contaminants in your brake fluid. If you have ever experienced this kind of pulling, we do not have to tell you how dangerous it can be.

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