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If you go to any garage to discuss the suggested car maintenance or car repair guidelines, you would hear the professionals describing the manufacturer’s suggested approaches, figures, estimates and so on. At Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA we take those manufacturer guidelines very seriously, but then we go beyond them. While there are many benefits of factory maintenance, we specialize in German car maintenance and that means we take all of our expertise and experience and create auto maintenance programs that are a complement to the car itself.

Let’s just consider the primary benefits of factory maintenance, because this alone is sure to provide you with an excellent driving experience.

You are maintaining rather than repairing – This is a huge difference, especially in any higher end German car. Why allow anything to go on so long that it transitions from a stock maintenance issue to a full-blown problem that needs repair? One of the benefits of factory maintenance is that it allows you to stay on the road without any lengthy stretches in the garage!

You are getting the promised performance – Whether you are looking to get the greatest performance out of a sports model or SUV, or you crave a vehicle that rarely ever brings you a moment of trouble, factory maintenance is the first line of defense. We look at the suggested oil changes, filter changes, and fluid flushes as well as any mileage services (such as a 60k service, and so on) and use what we have learned about German cars to offer the best programs.

You can use and keep the car longer – Take good care of anything and it lasts longer. This is especially the case with your vehicle. The benefits of factory maintenance come when you do the maintenance, and that means your vehicle is going to last much longer. Parts and systems have longer lives, and even the exterior will last longer if you treat it “by the book” or better.

We don’t go exactly by the book. We follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations, but we extend them and we feel you can enjoy benefits from their maintenance and even more from ours.

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