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At Escondido German Auto, we provide Audi maintenance and repair. We understand how much owners love these cars, and we ensure that we remain a top provider of auto repair in Escondido by investing in the best programming and coding capabilities, using a factory ODIS tester and an Autologic Scan tool. However, Audi maintenance in Escondido does not always need to be provided by the experts.

Below, we supply some essential Audi maintenance tips to help you keep the car in top shape in between your regular appointments. Just consider these preventative tasks that will ensure the car looks good and runs smoothly:

Check the car before using it

Clear the debris from the wiper blades to eliminate the risk of scratches on the wind screen, and always keep these up to date to get top performance from the wipers.

Check the levels

Make it a habit to check tire pressure, oil levels, transmission fluids and wiper fluid on a regular basis.

Wash the vehicle

It goes without saying that a clean car is one that is going to operate better simply because you will be providing the very best care on all levels. Be sure that you clean the vehicle with the right compounds, and also give the interior the same treatment. Why not also de-fog the interior glass for safety and use a water repellant on the wind screen to make driving in wet conditions easier.

Create a routine for maintenance

Use the service manual for your Audi to design the ideal Audi maintenance schedule. This should include oil changes, but also brake checks, transmission services, and more (we give a suggested schedule below).

Find a skilled repair service

This is an important part of maintenance since you never want to bring your Audi to just any mechanic. Instead, when you need auto repair in Escondido, you will want to go with the most qualified and certified.

Beyond the DIY Steps for Optimal Audi Maintenance

In addition to those basic maintenance steps, we recommend oil changes every 5k to 7k miles, depending on your vehicle’s mileage, brake flushes every two years, coolant service every three years, transmission services every 40-60k miles, spark plug updates every 40k to 80k miles, cabin air filter changes ever 20k to 30k miles and engine filter changes ever 40k miles. We also recommend the timing belt and pump be changed every 80-100k miles.

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If you have additional questions about Audi maintenance Audi Maintenance and repair, or about any of the other services mentioned here, give us a call at our Escondido, CA office at 760-291-8520. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more about Audi maintenance, read our Audi overview blog.

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