One of the biggest fears of every car owner is their car not starting, especially at the wrong time. Hopefully, you never experience this annoyance for yourself. It’s always a good idea to be prepared if your car won’t start by getting an idea of why your car won’t start. Escondido German Auto is here to help you with all of your German car repairs and maintenance if that seems to be the issue. If your car doesn’t start, take a look at the list below and then give us a call for an appointment.

Your Engine Won’t Crank

One of the top reasons a car won’t start is because the engine can’t crank. This means that when you turn the key to your car, you don’t hear any noise. There are a few reasons that this is happening. First, an engine that doesn’t crank can simply be from a battery issue. If your battery is dead, there is nothing there to give your car the start it needs to turn on. This can happen if you leave your lights on accidentally all night or simply because your battery has reached the end of its life.

Your Key Won’t Turn

If you put your keys in the ignition (if you still have a car that requires this) and the key won’t turn, this can be a few different problems with easy fixes. The first problem can simply be that your steering is locked from the ignition lock. This will commonly happen when the wheels are turned to the side when parking on hills. Just jiggle the wheel back and forth gently until your key lets you turn it. If the key still doesn’t work, this can be an issue with the ignition or with the key itself. Try out a spare key to rule out a key issue. If it still won’t turn, you will need to have your vehicle looked at by us.

Lack of Fuel

Another reason that your car won’t start can be because your engine does not have any fuel. Make sure you always have gas in the tank! Try adding some gas to your tank if you suspect that this is the problem. If your car turns on, you are good to go!

Engine is Flooded

Another reason that your car may not start is if the engine becomes flooded. This is more common in older cars with high mileage on them. This happens when the engine cranks but it stalls in the process and then turns off. As a result, the gasoline saturates spark plugs and washes the oil from piston rings into the engine, therefore reducing compression.

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