German-engineered vehicles set themselves apart in terms of style and performance. BMW owners and enthusiasts who have come to appreciate these high-class machines should also appreciate their common problems. BMWs are often brought in for repairs due to problems with their electrical system. BMW has issued recalls due to electrical issues in the past. Unique vehicles will have unique maintenance considerations, so we’ve taken the time to list a few in the article below.

Be Aware of These Electronic Issues

Issues with your BMW’s electrical system can range from minor inconveniences to potential hazards on the road under certain driving conditions. Although safety is the priority, we want you to be proud of owning a fully-functional BMW in peak condition. We have compiled the following list of common electronic issues to increase your knowledge:

Issues with the alternator

The alternator works to keep the battery charged while your vehicle is moving. It also supplies electricity to multiple systems while your vehicle is in use. Issues with the alternator tend to be more evident while driving; you may notice display lights dimming or heating and air conditioning systems periodically failingCracks in the alternator are a common cause of these kinds of issues and can be relatively easy for a trained technician to identify and replace. Ensuring proper function of the alternator should be a part of routine maintenance of your BMW.

Steering wheel is locking up

Problems with the electrical system may cause you to have trouble starting up your BMW. In these situations, you may also notice the steering wheel lock indicator is illuminated on your dashboard. If this happens, for security reasons, you will have a limited number of attempts to successfully start the car. Once you’ve surpassed the attempt limit, your steering wheel will lock and will not be released until a technician unlocks it through the vehicle’s computer system. If you notice this issue becoming frequent, it is important for you to drive your BMW to a mechanic soon or you may need to have it towed. This theft security measure may work against you.

Problems with the ignition

If you don’t hear a click when you turn the key, your ignition system may be faulty. Repeated attempts to turn the switch in this case could cause you to flood your engine with fuel. This could pose a danger to yourself if the fuel ignites. It is better to have this issue taken to be seen by a professional right away.

Low power and loss of power

If you only hear a click when you turn the key this could be a sign that your BMW may have low power or is losing power. If you suspect this, take a look at your battery and the area around it. The terminals or cord connectors could have been compromised due to environmental exposure. Similarly, cables can fray and wear after years of normal use. You can try cleaning the terminals or changing the battery, but if these do not work you will need to have your vehicle evaluated by a professional.

Fuse box problems

A blown fuse can disrupt circuits leading to multi-system failure in your vehicle. These could include window regulator problems, door lock issues, power seat positionmalfunctions, windshield wiper failures, or turn signal issues. If you suspect a blown fuse, inspect the fuse box. Depending on the model, this may be located behind the glove box or in the trunk. If you notice broken or burnt fuses, these will need to be replaced.

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