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Porsche Ignition Key

Porsches are high-quality vehicles. If you have the privilege to drive one of these German-engineered machines, you expect only the best results. However, any vehicle, including Porsches, can suffer from mechanical issues at one time or another.

Even when you do everything right and stay on top of maintenance, things can go wrong and it can be a major concern if you notice there are failing parts or signs of malfunction in your vehicle. One component that sometimes fails in Porsches is the ignition lock assembly. Several parts make up the ignition lock assembly in a Porsche. Any of these parts can wear out over time and with use. If you have a classic model, you should stay apprised of the warning signs of ignition lock failure in a Porsche. Sometimes this problem can develop prematurely, even before the recommended interval for servicing the part per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What is an Ignition Lock and What Does it Do?

The ignition lock assembly can be found on the right side of your Porsche’s steering wheel, which is where you insert the key to start your car. If this part starts to fail, you might have difficulty getting your car started. It could even become impossible to start your car. While newer Porsches have incorporated different ignition technology, there are many models out there that still use the key to get the car started.

There are different notches in the ignition cylinder that allow turning the key to different degrees for different functions. As an example, one clockwise click will unlock the steering wheel and engage your car’s basic electrical components, while two clicks engage more elements, including the power windows. Certain engine components getting ready to start the engine with the third click, and the engine starts on the fourth click. All those functions could be affected when the ignition lock assembly fails.

What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Ignition Lock?

If your Porsche’s ignition lock is failing, you might notice some warning signs or symptoms. You need to stay alert and notice any problems or unusual issues with your car. Adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule can help keep unexpected issues at bay, but even that is not foolproof. If you notice any of these issues, you should contact your trusted auto repair facility to have your Porsche inspected by an automotive technician.

Difficulty inserting or removing the key from the ignition

If the ignition lock is corroded, failing, or faulty, it can be difficult to get your key in the ignition or out of it. If you are having difficulty with the key in the ignition, get your car checked.

Starting issues

If your vehicle has difficulty receiving power or getting started, it could be a faulty ignition lock, switch, cylinder, or the overall assembly. You will need to consult with your auto repair facility.

Difficulty engaging power

While you might experience problems engaging the different functions from the various ignition positions, you will also suffer difficulty getting your car started. After inserting the key in the ignition, the different clicks will represent the different functions that your car performs. If there is deterioration or wear of the ignition lock, one or more of these stages might not be working properly.

An experienced Porsche automotive repair facility can make sure your vehicle’s ignition lock is working properly. You don’t want to be inconvenienced by your vehicle’s ignition lock failing all at once and not turning when the key is inserted.

What Causes Ignition Lock Failure?

Porsche 911 GT3 Usually, ignition lock failure is the result of ongoing, excessive wear. Because of that, it is much more likely to occur in older vehicles or high-mileage vehicles that have been subjected to more wear. With routine maintenance and ongoing care, you can prevent the problem from getting worse or from the issues from occurring at all.

To make sure your ignition lock is working up to par, have your vehicle checked out by our experts at Escondido German Auto Shop, convenient to Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Valley Center, CA. We specialize in service for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Sprinter, or Volkswagen. Don’t risk ending up stranded somewhere because your car won’t start because a of a faulty ignition lock; call us to set up an appointment today!

* Porsche 911 GT3 image credit goes to: Federico Luppi.

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