The BMW X2 is a luxury automobile that it is sleek inside and out. The BMW brand creates powerful vehicles that set the performance standard for other automakers. Owning an X2 garners respect, but with that is an expected level of maintenance of your vehicle. Taking care of your BMW is one of your top priorities, and as it gets older, there may be issues that arise relating to the engine. Knowing what these issues are will help you catch them early so you can repair them and keep your BMW functioning as designed. Let’s look at some potential engine problems in your BMW X2.

Faulty Coolant System

The most common engine problem that you will have in your BMW X2 has to do with a faulty coolant system. The coolant system is in charge of regulating the temperature of the engine. When the coolant system is failing, your BMW is in danger of overheating. In order to prevent issues resulting from a faulty coolant system, you should follow the manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and also keep an eye out for certain signs that your engine may be experiencing problems.

Leaky Oil Gasket

Another engine problem that you may experience with your BMW is a leaky oil gasket. The oil gasket is the part in the engine that connects to the oil filter and the other engine parts that require oil to function properly. The oil needs to move through the gasket in order to reach the parts in the engine. If there is a leak in the gasket, those parts are not getting the oil and lubrication required. This will cause wear and tear on a majority of the engine parts, causing you a greater problem than just oil gasket replacement. If you are able to catch a leaky oil gasket before it has the chance to greatly impact the rest of the engine, it will be an inexpensive and easy fix.

High-Pressure Fuel Pump Issues

A third engine problem that your BMW can experience is one caused by issues with the fuel pumps. Every engine has 2 fuel pumps. The first is a low-pressure pump, which is in charge of taking the gas out of the tank. The second is a high-pressure pump. The purpose of the high-pressure pump is to push the gasoline into the combustion chamber. BMWs specifically have issues with the high-pressure pump. These issues can lead to problems with acceleration and engine sputtering while driving at higher speeds. If the high-pressure pump is left unrepaired, then it can even cause the engine to not turn over. So in order to prevent these issues from occurring, it is best to take your BMW in for servicing as soon as you notice the engine acting strangely.

Servicing Your BMW at Escondido German Auto

Ever since you purchased your BMW X2, you have been in tune with its performance level and its smooth and powerful engine. The longer you own your BMW, the easier you will notice sounds and signs of a possible issue in need of repair.

Once you become alerted to a potential issue, it is in your best interest to take your X2 in for servicing. At Escondido German Auto, we are fully versed in all makes and models of German vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Sprinter, and Volkswagen.

Our main focus is you and your vehicle. We aim to create an atmosphere of trust and reassurance. We are conveniently accessible from BMW X2 Faulty Coolant System the areas of Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Valley Center, CA and are able to provide you with trained and certified technicians to inspect your BMW.

When you bring in your BMW X2, we will use the most up-to-date tools and equipment in order to diagnose your engine problem. Once the issue has been diagnosed, we will discuss our recommended repairs and replacements with you. Before any parts are changed or repaired, our technicians will always ask you to approve changes to your BMW. We know you want what’s best for your X2 model, and so do we. We will work with you to ensure that your luxury vehicle is serviced with care so we can become your trusted BMW service shop. Please call us today to schedule an appointment or stop by for a consultation.

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