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Volkswagen Timing Chain

The Volkswagen line of automobiles ranks third internationally within the auto industry and is the largest among other German brands. While VW is sometimes seen as a more affordable alternative to high-end luxury vehicles, they still encompass the same devotion to style, comfort, technology, and other amenities. German engineering makes these vehicles top-notch in performance and drivability. However, Volkswagens are not immune to the various mechanical issues that may arise over time. One of these issues can be a defective or faulty timing chain.

What is the Timing Chain?

The timing chain is a crucial part of the engine and is responsible for the proper rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. It synchronizes the rotation of these components, allowing the engine’s valves to open and close at precisely the right time. The timing chain is located inside the motor and receives proper lubrication from the engine itself.

Symptoms of a Defective Timing Chain

Metal particles or shavings in the oil

This sign will only be noticed during your Volkswagen’s routine oil change (which should be done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles). As the timing chain begins to wear out, tiny pieces of the metal may break off and fall into the engine’s oil. These shavings will be very visible in the oil pan when the old oil is drained. While this could be a sign of another problem, it is most commonly related to a worn out timing chain.

Check engine light illuminates on the dashboard

Anytime your check engine light illuminates, it is a sign of a potential serious problem. It could be related to a number of issues. However, a faulty timing chain can trigger this sensor. An expert mechanic should be consulted immediately to diagnose the problem.

Engine misfires

Over time, the timing chain can stretch. When this happens, the chain can skip gears and disrupt the timing calibration of the engine. This will result in a misfire, poor performance, or lack of power from the motor.

Rattling or unusual noise during idling

When your VW is idling, it should be very quiet and smooth. Unusual sounds are a red flag that there is something not functioning properly. A timing chain that is very worn or loose will cause vibrations which lead to rattling under the hood.

Complete engine failure

If your timing chain breaks, it will cause significant problems. The engine will completely fail and cause a total break down. If this occurs during operation, it can also result in damage to the pistons and severely bent valves. All of these issues are detrimental to the overall performance of your VW as well as being quite costly repairs.

If issues related to the timing chain are not addressed as soon as possible, the consequences can be quite severe. Anytime that you suspect such problems, you need to contact a trusted, reputable auto service center who can diagnose and repair the chain. German manufactured automobiles require distinctive services and repairs which must be completed properly.

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