Driving on the freeway in San Diego can be quite terrifying, especially with recent accidents that have taken place. In order to help you feel safe on the freeway, Escondido German Auto is here to provide you with some helpful tips to keep you driving safe on the freeway. Of course, one of the tips for driving safe in Escondido is having your car maintained regularly. Make sure to visit your Escondido mechanic often to keep your car running smooth and safe. Keep the following tips in mind the next time you jump on the 78 or 15.

Pay Attention to Your Speed

For the most part, our average freeway speed limit in San Diego is 65 mph. When you’re driving on the freeway, make sure you’re staying close to the speed limit and going at the same speed as traffic. Driving too slow or too fast can make driving on the freeway unsafe. We recommend driving slower at night when it’s hard to see and during our occasional rainy days. The roads can become quite slippery on rainy days since it doesn’t rain too often in Escondido. Make sure to drop your speed at least 10 mph during rainy days.

Keep a Safe Distance Between the Car in Front of You

It’s common to encounter tailgaters on our San Diego freeways. Although someone might tailgate you, you shouldn’t do it back. Tailgating can be extremely dangerous, especially if the car in front of your suddenly slams on their breaks at fast speeds. Maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. If someone is tailgating you from behind, just let them pass for the sake of your own safety. We suggest keeping 3 seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Share the Road with Semis

With over 3.2 million truck drivers on the road in the nation, you need to learn to share the freeway with them. Make sure to give them plenty of room when they are merging into your lane. Large trucks have even bigger blind spots. A rule of thumb is, if you can’t see their side mirrors, they can’t see you. Make sure to be cautious driving next to semis on the freeway.

Stay Right Unless Passing

It’s common practice to always pass on the left. If you’re riding the left lane of the freeway, or as us San Diegan’s like to call the “fast lane,” make sure you’re using it to pass a slower driver. You should only be in that lane to pass, not to just speed your way home.

Maximize Your Driving Visibility

Make sure to always use your lights when driving at night, in the fog, and in the rain. This will allow other drivers to see you on the freeway in all conditions.

Stay Alert When Driving

Our last piece of advice for you is to stay alert when you drive. This means you should stay off your phone and avoid eating any food. Your only focus when driving should be driving.

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