BMW as a brand is known for their sleek visual appeal and high-performance capabilities. One of their distinctive features car owners expect is their innovative HVAC system, which is designed to optimize interior climate control. When this malfunctions, it can ruin your fun behind the wheel and make your trip uncomfortable for you and your passengers.

Like all machinery, malfunctions can occur with the HVAC blower. The blower is part of a larger system designed to cool or heat air and move it through hoses and ducts to your cabin. The blower is responsible for actively pushing heated or cooled air through the interior vents in the cabin to keep you and your passengers comfortable.

We’ve put together some information to help you identify the problem within the HVAC system and discuss how to get your BMW back to its fully-functional status.

Understanding the Symptoms

Changing the interior temperature usually requires a moment or two to take effect, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work at all. You may feel that the temperature fails to cool completely or is not as efficient as expected. Often, these issues are related to the radiator, compressor, or leaks or clogs in the HVAC system as a whole. To prevent these problems, make sure to maintain your BMW as described in your owner’s manual. A BMW expert will keep your HVAC system operating smoothly.

The most common issue you could face is with airflow from the HVAC blower. The pressure of airflow from the interior vents is typically controlled from the dashboard buttons and dials with relation to the blower. If there is no airflow or if it is particularly very high or low, the blower is most likely to blame. The rest of the HVAC components could be functioning as designed, so you’ll need an expert to diagnose and repair the blower.

Typical Causes of an HVAC Blower Failure

There are a few different spots along the route from dashboard controls to blower that can cause issues with the blower itself. The simplest solution is normal wear-and-tear of using the HVAC system. Over time, this system needs maintenance and repairs to function properly to keep you comfortable.

An electronic error somewhere along the relay between the dashboard controls and the blower control could cause your HVAC system to fail. A mechanic specializing in German automotives and BMW specifically will be able to diagnose the source of the error and repair or replace these parts.

Alternatively, BMW owners have noted issues with the blower resistor overloading due to being programmed with inaccurate current measurements during manufacturing at BMW. The resistor is the part of the system that controls how much electricity is fed to the blower and how fast the blower runs. This directly impacts the air pressure blowing from the vents.

Blower resistor issues can cause a full range of airflow issues from no air to intermittent change of air pressure. For resistor issues, it’s absolutely in your best interest to see a mechanic specializing in German builds. The expert technicians at Escondido German Auto are experts in resolving this issue.

Resolving BMW’s HVAC Blower Failure

Part of owning a BMW are the luxuries involved in your car’s mechanical engineering as well as the lush interior designed to make your BMW AC System Check ride the best it can be. When you have a problem with your car, bring your BMW to a shop you can trust with experts who have been trained specifically for your make and model.

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