Minis are reliable and fun cars which are perfect for expressing your individuality as a motorist. Best of all, while in the past Mini’s have been focused on compact functionality within a fun exterior, modern Mini’s are all about high-performance motoring as well. One such relatively recent addition to some Mini models which shows this change is the supercharger.

Driving a Mini is now more fun than ever, since the supercharger gives your car the punch previously reserved for other sport cars. It also means that you have an entire new system added to your car that needs maintenance. With this in mind, let’s look at the supercharger system and discuss why oil for your supercharger is so important to the system.

Turbo Vs. Supercharged

Some drivers make the mistake of using “turbo” interchangeably with the term “supercharged,” but these are, in fact, very different systems. A supercharger is, in essence, an air compressor that is powered by the engine’s crankshaft and is connected to it by a belt. This means that your supercharger relies directly upon your engine to run. This is a key reason why supercharger oil is needed, but more on that below. The turbocharger system can run independently, as it is powered by the waste energy that the engine produces. Essentially, it is a powerful recycler.

The Pros and Cons of a Supercharger

The clearest way to see why supercharger oil is so important is by looking at the pros and cons of the system. The supercharger oil is instrumental in helping to make the pros listed below happen. It also prevents the cons from happening. So as you can see, making sure the supercharger is topped up with supercharger oil is essential!


• The supercharger massively increases horsepower. The addition of a supercharger is a great option for creating a more powerful vehicle.
• Unlike turbo systems, superchargers don’t lag. Power is immediately received when required.
• Superchargers give your Mini great low-RPM power, which is something turbochargers can struggle to achieve.
• Superchargers are very cost effective to have installed or upgraded to when purchasing your new Mini.


• Superchargers can impact the efficiency of your vehicle. They suck power from your engine to create a supercharged “oomph” at the cost of fuel economy. However, as the main draw of superchargers to motorists is the boost in power, most motorists are aware that the harder the engine works, the lower the fuel economy. So, for most drivers, this is simply a fact, not a con, and they can easily justify the trade off.
• A forced induction system like a supercharger (as well as a turbocharger) causes your engine to experience increased pressure and temperature. This can cause faster degradation in its lifespan.
• As it is connected to the engine and draws power from the engine, a poorly working supercharger can potentially cause engine damage. Sudden failure can have severe consequences. However, this can be prevented with good maintenance practices, such as topping up the supercharger oil frequently.

Further Reasons why Supercharger Oil is Important

Some drivers make the fatal misconception that supercharger oil and engine oil are interchangable, or that keeping your engine well lubricated is enough to ensure the lubrication of the supercharger system. MINI Supercharge Oil Level Check This is a critical error and can also be an expensive mistake. The supercharger system is full of moving parts that required specifically-formulated supercharger oil to keep lubricated. In terms of maintenance, the supercharger system has its own oil reservoir which needs to be monitored.

Supercharger oil keeps the system well-lubricated. Similar to your engine, it is essential for preserving the longevity of parts and keeps the moving parts flexible and in their full range of motion. The supercharger oil prevents parts from becoming dry and seizing up or from grinding against one another, which can create damage and premature part wear.

Supercharger oil also plays a part in keeping the engine cool. When the supercharger is running, it produces a lot of heat. By helping to lower temperatures, your supercharger oil is helping to protect your supercharger system from overheating or even warping parts due to extreme heat.

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