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Car Factory Scheduled Maintenance

When you purchase a vehicle, you want it to be reliable and to last for many years. To ensure the long life of your car, you need to keep current on factory scheduled maintenance. Having scheduled maintenance performed is crucial in the longevity of your car. In many cases, it is also required to keep your car’s warranty in good standing. The maintenance schedule, based on studies and statistics, was developed by your car’s manufacturer and is included in your owner’s manual.

Importance of Factory Scheduled Maintenance

The number one reason to keep up to date on your service schedule is to prevent issues that are going to cost you a lot of money in the future. By having regular maintenance performed, you are helping to keep your car running smoothly as well as preserving your manufacturer’s warranty. You are also giving your mechanic the opportunity to visually check for any issues that need to be fixed before they turn into major repairs.

At some point in time, you may want to trade in your vehicle or sell it. Keeping current on your factory scheduled maintenance will allow you to sell your vehicle for more money. It is important that you keep all of your documentation that shows any maintenance you have performed on the car.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Schedule

Different models of cars require different schedules. Most manufacturers practice the 30-60-90 maintenance schedule. This means that certain items need to be changed, inspected or replaced every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Below is a list of some of the most common regular maintenance items:

Air Filter:  Your air filter needs to be replaced regularly. If your filter gets clogged, the engine will not be able to breathe. This will negatively impact its performance. If you drive or live in an area that is dusty, you may need to change it more often than your maintenance schedule recommends.

Fuel Filter:  Is your engine running rough? This could be caused by a dirty fuel filter. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the fuel filter every 30,000 miles.

Oil and Oil Filter:  When thinking about scheduled maintenance most people know that they need to change their oil. As your engine runs, tiny bits of debris will end up in the oil which will cause damage to the engine. The filter also needs to be changed regularly. Some manufacturers recommend changing it every time you change your oil, while others recommend changing it every other visit.

Battery:  A lot of people don’t realize that their battery is going bad until it is too late. Batteries wear out from age, non-use, and extreme temperatures. Most batteries are guaranteed to last 4 to 5 years.

Coolant:  Protect your engine by having your coolant checked. If it is running low, your engine could overheat and be damaged. Your coolant will also need to be replaced after time.

Transmission FluidHave your transmission fluid monitored regularly. Running your car with low fluid can damage your transmission. Plan on having your fluid changed around 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on your service schedule.

Power Steering Fluid:  If you hear a noise when you are turning your steering wheel or if it’s hard to steer, you may be low on steering fluid. This fluid also needs to be changed out from time to time.

Brake Fluid:  Brake fluid can be contaminated over time. This can lead to braking issues which can become dangerous. Replace your brake fluid if you notice an issue or during regularly scheduled maintenance.

Brake Shoes and Pads:  Have your brake shoes and pads checked regularly. You should not let them get to the point that they are screeching. Letting them go too long without changing them can lead to excessive damage to the rotors.

Brake Rotors:  Rotors experience a lot of heat due to friction from the brake pads. Over time they will begin to warp.

We Will Take Care of Your Service Needs

Keep your car running smoothly and prevent future costly repairs by staying current on your maintenance schedule. There isn’t any reason that you Auto Mechanic need to take your vehicle to a dealership to have your factory scheduled maintenance performed. We can take care of all of your needs and we can do it faster and cheaper.

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