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Mercedes Engine Stalling

In a car as powerful and performance-based as Mercedes, there are a number of parts that can go wrong which need to be replaced as soon as possible. With those parts, there are a number of problems that can occur and lead to even more problems. Therefore, when you notice issues arise with your Mercedes, it’s best to take the vehicle into a shop immediately to get the problem solved.

On that note, issues with the crankshaft position sensor should be considered serious. The crankshaft serves an important role under the hood of your car, as outlined below, and neglecting to get this problem fixed may lead to more problems down the line. With that in mind, never try to fix a problem with the crankshaft position sensor yourself as it is a tough job that requires previous experience and knowledge.

What does the crankshaft position sensor do?

To understand the importance of the crankshaft position sensor, one needs to understand the importance of the crankshaft itself first. The crankshaft is responsible for being the backbone of the modern engine. Essentially, linear motion is turned into rotational motion, which powers the engine, via the crankshaft.

As evident by the name, the crankshaft is a crank that swings around and pushes pistons back into their respective cylinders. Without a crankshaft, an engine would be inoperable and your car would be a glorified paperweight. Inside the crankshaft, there is something known as the journal which rotates connected by webs that keep everything together.

All of these parts work together when the crankshaft is in motion and is responsible for keeping the engine running. The crankshaft position sensor serves an important role in keeping the crankshaft moving. This component determines the rotational speed of the crank, information that is used by the engine control units.

These engine control units are responsible for ignition and fuel injection timing. If there is a problem with the crankshaft position sensor, the engine control unit may send the wrong amount of fuel into the engine, among other problems. Due to the severity of these errors, it is always recommended that you take your vehicle immediately upon seeing the common signs that something is wrong with your crankshaft position sensor.

Signs of a Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor

Fortunately for vehicle owners, there is a surefire way to tell when the crankshaft position sensor of your vehicle is having problems. The below signs should all be taken seriously when seen. Additionally, some of these signs can have different causes, so look for them in conjunction with each other.

Problems Starting the Vehicle

As discussed, the information from the crankshaft position sensor is used for ignition timing as well as fuel injection. If the position sensor fails, your engine may not be able to turn over and your car may be dead in the water. This problem can be caused by numerous things, however, so be sure to watch for some other signs in addition to this one.

Check Engine Light Switches On

The check engine light turning on in your car should always be a cause for concern and can be caused by numerous things. However, it’s possible that the cause is the crankshaft position sensor failing. With that in mind, take your car to a professional who can diagnose the reason for the light being on.

Occasional Stalling

If your vehicle is suddenly prone to the occasional stalling, the crankshaft position sensor could be the underlying cause. Should the sensor fail, your engine may not be able to produce the power needed to drive and your Mercedes may stall.

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