The wiring harness is a system of connectors, wires, and terminals that allow electrical components of your Volkswagen to function at its best. In addition to keeping electrical components (i.e., headlights) running, it serves as a barrier between some of the electrical components of your vehicle and external hazards.

The wiring harness prevents both electrical and other types of damage to you and your vehicle. A car that operates with a wiring harness allows the wiring to last far longer than if each wire ran separately, giving you more durability.

Wiring harnesses serve an essential function in your car, so it is a critical component that needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure the safety of both you and other drivers. If you suspect your car’s wiring harness is damaged, you should have it checked by an auto mechanic immediately, as malfunctions can cause further complications and unnecessary expenses.

Common Symptoms of Wiring Harness Failure

One or several of these symptoms can occur depending on where and how severe the damage is to the wiring harness. Driving with this type of damage can lead to several hazardous risks, including an increased risk of fire and decreased visibility through improper lighting on the road.

The front or rear lights are not working

The wiring harness ensures electricity reaches both the front and rear lights of your vehicle. If the wiring harness is compromised, this can result in your front or rear lights not operating. Another indication is if the lighting is dimmed, especially on a consistent basis.

Certain electrical features stop working

If any electrical function of your car fails to operate, this could indicate that the wiring harness is cracked or damaged. These could be features such as the battery, lights or alternator.

Ignition failure

Ignition failures can be a sign of a damaged wiring harness, whether it be a frequent issue or only one occasion.

Dead battery or startup issues

If your car’s battery is dead, or if the battery loses its charge quickly, this is a sign of a wiring harness failure. Similarly, if your car either revs up or idles down unexpectedly, or lurches and stutters while driving, is another indication of a damaged wiring harness.

Common Causes of a Degraded Wiring Harness

Just like any part of a car, the wiring harness can deteriorate with age. Older vehicle models are the most likely to be impacted by a damaged wiring harness, and that damage is likely to occur because of infrequent maintenance checks. However, even just regular wear and tear can stiffen the harness and cause areas to soften and deteriorate.

Fluctuating temperatures can also play a part in wiring harness failure. The wiring harness can bend when exposed to rapidly changing temperatures, such as extreme cold to extreme heat. Wiring harnesses are made to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures (as they can often be found near the engine). Despite this, it is best to avoid rapidly shifting from one extreme temperature to another.

Intense weather conditions are another problem. The wiring harness can become corroded due to extreme weather conditions. Exposure to road salt can also increase the harness’s corrosion, resulting in a shorter life span if exposed for long periods.

Escondido German Auto Will Repair Your Wiring Harness

While work on a wiring harness can be done at home, we encourage you to visit a local mechanic or auto repair store to have Volkswagen Wiring Harness Issue Check it inspected and replaced. An incorrectly-replaced wiring harness can result in serious electrical damage, fires, and other hazards to you and other drivers. We recommend you consult an experienced mechanic to ensure your safety.

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