Sprinter Service Overview

Did you upgrade from a standard work van or truck to a Sprinter van? It is no surprise. Many people have made the switch thanks to the fuel efficiency and high performance designs of these vans. With powertrains that rely on Mercedes Technology and Logic, it is little wonder that we at Escondido German Auto in Escondido, CA also got involved and have invested in the diagnostic tools and gear needed to do auto repair and auto service on these vans. Here is a Sprinter service overview for our shop:

  • We have installed a special lift and the appropriate diagnostic computers and manuals.
  • Our team is well-versed in the evolution of the van. It has used four separate engine combinations since its release in 2001, and went from a Freightliner tag to a Dodge and then Mercedes. This is why our mechanics, as part of the Sprinter service overview, are happy to offer work on the 5-cylinger 2.1 liter turbos, the Common Rail Diesel V6s, the Blue Tech emissions models, V6 gas models (part of the Mercedes lineup), or the 4-cylinder twin turbo diesels.
  • Our Sprinter service overview has to include the service needs for fluids and filters. We adhere to the recommendations necessary for not only operating well, but actually lengthening the life of your vehicle. Based on our knowledge and experience, we recommended services including oil changes every 7k to 10k miles, depending on your vehicle’s mileage, brake flushes every two years, coolant service every three years, transmission services every 60k miles, spark plug updates every 60k to 100k miles, cabin air filter changes ever 20k to 30k miles and engine filter changes ever 40k miles.

Because we follow this impressive schedule and system for Sprinter service, including OEM parts, you get a two-year or 24k mile warranty on our work. We know how much you rely on these vehicles, and so we ensure that your Sprinter service is top of the line so you have no worries whether at work, commuting or traveling.

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This is just our Sprinter service overview, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about these impressively efficient vans. If you need more information about this sprinter service overview, or you have questions about other services mentioned, give us a call at our Escondido, CA office at 760-291-8520. You can also use our online contact form and one of our service team will get back to you promptly.

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