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Volkswagen Broken Rear Spring

Volkswagens are known for the stability and high standard of function that comes with German engineering. You can always rely on your VW to give you comfort, quality, and style without worry. Even with the high-tech design and manufacturing, however, VW’s are not resistant to things going awry.

Because you are so proud of the stability a VW offers you, it can be frustrating when you begin to notice a lack of control in your vehicle’s handling. Your suspension is one of the most important components of your car, as it affects your ability to handle the road. The suspension is kept in place by a series of coils or springs that hold up the body of the car while allowing it to move fluidly. If you’re noticing a lack of stability, it is highly likely that your coils have begun to wear out or are broken.

Signs of Broken Rear Springs

Your springs are a vital part of keeping your car stable, and once they begin to wear out, you are in for a lot of issues. Springs are prone to rust and impact damage because of their positioning, so as they wear out you’ll begin to notice some obvious side effects.

Clunking Sound

Because they hold your suspension in place, once the springs are damaged, you will notice your vehicle becoming noisier as you navigate the road. Over bumps and potholes, you will notice a clunking or rattling sound as your loose suspension rocks around with the movement of your car. The springs are supposed to help keep it securely in place but flexible enough to move fluidly. That is impossible when they have rusted or broken down.


Without secure springs to keep your suspension in place and balanced, you will begin to notice your vehicle will be higher on one side than the other. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but an imbalanced vehicle is hard to maneuver on the road. Tilting can affect the way you steer your vehicle through turns or during acceleration.


The security of your vehicle is off balance with worn out springs, meaning that bumpy roads or rough conditions will cause your car to bounce and shake more than it should. This can cause the impact on your tires to be even worse as your car’s weight is jerked around by rough terrain.

Uneven Wearing of Tires

Suspension problems have a direct effect on your tire alignment, which can cause tires to wear unevenly on the outer and inner edges. This is bad because it can lead to faster replacements, flat tires, or even blowouts, which can wreck your alignment even worse.  Replacing tires can cost you more than dealing with the source of the problem, so be prudent with your maintenance and service needs.

Replacement of your Broken Rear Springs in your VW

Replacement is the only option in order to avoid excessive and expensive damage to your vehicle. Your suspension directly affects the way your car handles the road, so your likelihood for impact-related damage to other parts of your car or even collision risks are far higher. Damage to your suspension due to worn out springs can also cause stress to shocks and struts. It also helps to avoid uneven tire wear and the expense of constantly having to replace tires as well.

Escondido German Automotive For Repairs

Escondido German Auto is Escondido’s leading German auto service center. We know that you want longevity and safety for your Volkswagen Broken Rear Spring Check VW model, and we want to help you keep it safe and performing well.

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Our staff is German-factory trained, so we guarantee they know your vehicle’s intricacies inside and out. If your car is showing signs of wear and tire from broken rear springs, and you’re worried about how it will handle the road, come see us for a consultation and we’ll take excellent care of your VW while providing excellent customer service for years to come.

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