Volkswagens are great hardworking cars made for the demands of modern life. However, even the most perfectly-designed cars can only perform as well as their driver allows them. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why you might begin to notice poor mileage from your Volkswagen and what actions you can take to see your miles-per-gallon improve.

Poor Driving Habits

We all develop shortcuts in life to make things more convenient. However, when it comes to driving, these little “bad habits” can really impact on the mileage you can expect to achieve from your vehicle. There are four main poor driving habits you should be wary of if you’re looking to improve or reduce your mileage:

1. Excessive Idling

Some drivers think that keeping the engine ticking over is better for their car and their fuel consumption, as the fuel used from initial ignition outweighs that which is spent when idling. However, this is wrong when considering modern vehicles. While you are idling, you are burning more fuel than you would be if you stopped your engine and restarted it when ready to move forward in traffic.

2. Impulsivity

Being heavy on the brake and gas pedals causes you to lose MPG excessively. While it does feel thrilling to accelerate quickly, in terms of gas mileage, it’s really not all that worth it to compromise a moment of thrill for the cost out of your bank account.

3. Speedster

Fuel efficiency and gas mileage relies on the driver maintaining the vehicle’s speed within in a certain speed limit. Regularly driving over these suggested speeds is not only dangerous, but will severely impact the mileage you can expect to achieve.

4. Weighed Down

Regularly driving with heavy weights over what is suggested in your Volkswagen’s owners manual will also impact your predicted mileage due to the strain and exertion it puts on your vehicle. The same can be said for driving up steep hills, as your engine has to work harder to provide the necessary energy to achieve this driving condition.

Bad Tires

Many drivers simply don’t realize that the state of their tires can really impact the mileage they expect to achieve. Tires that are over or under inflated, for example, can really affect your mileage, as can misalignment or uneven tire wear. This is because poor tires cause excessive resistance, meaning your engine has to work harder and consequently use more fuel to gain traction and drive. Misaligned tires can also cause excessive resistance, which again requires the engine to work over time, thus requiring more fuel.

Poor Fuel Supply

Any issue with fuel delivery is likely to impact the mileage you can expect your Volkswagen to achieve. The fuel pump delivers fuel from the gas tank through the fuel filter and to the fuel injectors, which helps keep the engine running smoothly. If the filter becomes clogged or fuel pump becomes weak, then there will not be enough fuel supplied to the engine, which will have direct impact on the mileage your car can achieve.

Low Oil Level

Having low oil levels will cause your vehicle to burn through gas faster than expected. This is because the oil is required to lubricate the parts of the engine, to reduce friction, as well as look after the engine’s parts. When there is not enough oil to protect the engine, the friction is increased, causing the engine to have to work harder against the friction, and therefore burn through more fuel. This is why it is very important to check your oil levels regularly as part of your ongoing vehicle maintenance.

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