Have you ever wondered why your MINI’s radiator expansion tank failed? As experienced mechanics in Escondido, we are here to provide answers. Knowing the reasons that led to radiator expansion tank failure in your Mini will help you keep that Mini in good shape. As they say, knowledge is power, and we share this knowledge with you from our wealth of wisdom gathered from many years of experience.

Before going into the reasons behind radiator expansion tank failure, you first have to know what a radiator expansion tank is. A radiator expansion tank in your Mini is a storage tank that holds coolant. When this storage tank expands, the stored coolant is then recycled back into the radiator. In simple terms, the radiator expansion tank’s job is to help store and circulate the coolant in your Mini’s engine, so that it runs at the right temperature.

The Reasons for Radiator Expansion Tank Failure

  • A leak: If by chance, the reservoir gets cracked, this puts your Mini at risk of a failing radiator expansion tank. A crack in the reservoir will invariably lead to a leak and loss of coolant.
  • Use: No matter how we shy away from it, the truth is that the use of an object wears it out. This is also true with automobiles, as it is in every other aspect of life. As a result, radiator expansion tank failure in your Mini is not uncommon after a few years of use.
  • Broken radiator Cap: A broken radiator cap will cause a loss in the pressure needed to keep the coolant flowing.
  • Incorrect coolant: Using the incorrect coolant will result in a failure.
  • Faulty cooling fan: If there is a fault with the cooling fan, then there will be no cooling effect on the coolant and this will result in the coolant holding extra heat.
  • A faulty thermostat: The thermostat is an electrically powered part of the cooling system. The thermostat is not immune to faults, especially those with wiring. Any fault with the thermostat will keep the coolant from cycling through the engine properly.
  • A clogged system: Mineral deposits can clog the radiator expansion tank system.

Radiator Expansion Tank Failure Symptoms

Detecting a radiator expansion tank failure in time could go a long way towards saving you a lot of trouble and money. If you see any of these signs, then your next stop should be the mechanics:

  • Rusty radiator: One of the functions of the radiator expansion tank is to keep rust from happening on the radiator. Having rust on the radiator shows a failure of that function.
  • Overheating of the engine: The primary function of the radiator expansion tank in your Mini is to keep the Mini at the right temperature. When this doesn’t happen, the engine will overheat, which can damage the engine.
  • Low coolant level: The coolant is important to the overall process of cooling the Mini. A reduction in the level of the coolant will affect the cooling process.
  • Leaking coolant: If you spot your Mini losing some liquid from underneath, it is most likely coolant. Coolants are usually colorful on purpose to easily identify it, and this is quite different from dark oil.
  • A collapsed radiator pipe: If the pipe connected to the expansion tank has collapsed, that means that a radiator expansion tank failure is looming.

The radiator expansion tank may appear to be a small part of your Mini. It is, however, a very important part of the engine. Its function is crucial to the overall condition of the car. No matter how insignificant a radiator expansion tank problem may seem, it is crucial that it is looked after on time.

Once you notice any of the signs above, your Mini should be parked and the engine turned off. Also, don’t ever try to attend to the car when it is still overheating or hot. You don’t want to cause yourself harm, so don’t open the hood for 30 mins after you turn off your engine. Radiator expansion failure is not to be treated with kid gloves. That is why it should be left in the hands of professionals.

MINI Radiator Expansion Tank Check

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