If you own a MINI, you’re familiar with the quality and reliable performance of different MINI models. Because the MINI brand is so well known for their excellence in design and performance, it can be troubling and frustrating to experience problems with the vehicle’s ignition. In some cases, your MINI might require ongoing maintenance to perform at the high-level that you’ve come to expect, especially if you’re dealing with any problems that might indicate that the ignition in your vehicle has gone bad. Although it’s uncommon for a vehicle to stop running without exhibiting signs of failure if you’re not paying close attention you might not pick up on the various indications that the ignition in your MINI has gone bad.

Any type of car trouble can be stressful, but problems with the ignition in a vehicle can lead to inconvenient and even dangerous situations. It’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms of failure in any aspect of the ignition. If your MINI is experiencing trouble with any aspect of the ignition, the best thing to do is to bring it to a trusted, qualified specialist that can diagnose the issue and fix it before any serious problems occur. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common reasons for a bad ignition in your MINI.

Failing Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is the mechanism that starts the engine when a key is inserted and turned. In recent years keyless ignition has become more popular, but the function is essentially the same. If there is something wrong with the ignition switch in terms of hardware or wiring, it may cause the vehicle to stall or lose power. The vehicle may stall when starting up or when driving, so it’s important to get your MINI inspected before you encounter a dangerous situation. For instance, if your MINI were to stall out on a hill, or lose power completely on a highway it could easily lead to an accident. If your car stalls or loses power at any point, this may indicate a failing ignition switch, which requires immediate attention.

Bad Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is a component of the ignition that is responsible for channeling electricity to the spark plugs, which allow the engine to start and continue running. Most MINI models only have one ignition coil, opposed to other older vehicles that had multiple ignition coils per cylinder. The ignition coil is powered by sets of winding within the coil. The sets of windings are composed of turns of heavy and fine wire. The battery sends power through the primary, heavy turns of wire. When the car needs to fire a spark plug for a cylinder, the current to the heavy turns is turned off which causes the power to be transferred to the secondary, fine wire turns. This creates a quick increase in voltage which then allows the spark plug to fire. Because of this, the ignition coil is an extremely important component of the ignition. If the ignition coil goes bad, you can expect to experience issues like increased emissions, engine stalling or misfiring, illuminated check engine light, or failure for the car to start at all. A failing ignition coil can also produce a snapping noise under the hood of your MINI. If you replace your ignition coil at regular intervals, you decrease your chance of the ignition coil in your MINI going bad. If you experience any symptoms related to a bad ignition coil, take your MINI in for service immediately, as running a car with a bad ignition coil can damage the catalytic converter.

Failing Spark Plugs

Without properly working spark plugs, an engine will misfire or fail completely. Failing spark plugs are one of several reasons for a bad ignition in your MINI. Some common signs of failing spark plugs are difficulty getting the vehicle to start, slow acceleration, engine misfire, decreased fuel economy, and loss of power. MINI Ignition Coil Check If you experience any of these issues along with other symptoms of a bad ignition, it is likely that the spark plugs in your MINI are faulty or failing and need to be replaced.

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