The ignition system of your Audi is made of parts that will inevitably need replacing at some point in time. Fortunately, there are ways to take care of your Audi’s ignition system and prevent any long-term damage to the engine. One such way to ensure your Audi’s ignition system is working the best it can is to verify the spark plugs. Every car will have multiple spark plugs inside of them to ignite the engine. For example, the Audi RS6 Avant has a V8 engine, meaning it uses 8 spark plugs.

While spark plugs are generally built to last for around 100,000 miles, issues can arise that can reduce the efficiency of your car’s spark plugs. One of the best ways to make sure your ignition system is working the way it was designed is to bring your Audi into an expert garage, such as Escondido German Auto, to have them inspect your car’s spark plugs.

Spark plugs are generally inexpensive to replace, so if you are in need of a new spark plug, it’s prudent to exchange them all at once to prevent multiple visits to the garage.

How Does the Ignition System Work in an Audi?

The Audi’s ignition system is a core component of your car and is vital in starting it. How it works, though, is through a series of steps. The ignition system starts off by generating high voltage using your car’s battery. After creating this voltage, it is used to power the engine of your car by igniting the air-fuel mixture inside the chamber of the engine to produce power. This power is converted into energy to propel your Audi.

Spark plugs are critical to start your engine. They are what produce the spark that is needed to ignite the air-fuel mixture. If even one of your car’s spark plugs goes bad, you may have trouble starting up your car. It may sputter or even stall.

Common Signs Your Ignition System May Have Problems

There are numerous ways to tell if you’re having issues with your Audi’s ignition system. Here are a few of the most common examples you may encounter.

  • Issues with your car starting. This is probably going to be the most obvious sign that your ignition is having problems. Your car will likely require multiple attempts to start it, if it even starts at all.
  • If your car is using more gas than it is designed to use per mile. If you catch yourself going to the gas station more than you have in the past, this could be because your ignition system is going bad.
  • If your car is shaking while idle. If your car is moving around while not accelerating, this could be another sign you may want to investigate your car’s ignition system.
  • Acceleration issues. If your car is suddenly losing its ability to propel itself forward consistently when you apply pressure to the accelerator, you may be dealing with a failing ignition system in your Audi.

If you encounter any of the above instances, you should not take any chances and immediately investigate the problem with a professional mechanic.

Escondido German Auto Will Fix Your Ignition Problems

At Escondido German Auto, we believe that providing accurate and quality jobs is important not only for making your car run great, but also for earning your trust and your business. Replacing spark plugs and investigating issues with your Audi’s ignition system is only one of the many services we offer.

Audi Ignition Coil Replacement

Beyond servicing Audi cars for over 20 years, we also work on other car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Sprinter, and Volkswagen. We have locations in Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, and Valley Center, allowing you to pick the closest, most convenient location available near you.

Our ASE certified technicians have the experience needed to identify any issue with your German car and will give you the best recommendation to solve any issues you may have. If your car is encountering issues with its ignition system or any other issue, we would love to help you out. Allow us to show you why we’re the best Audi car auto repair & service shops in Escondido and the surrounding area!

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