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No matter whether they sell economic, mass-market, or high-end luxury vehicles, all manufacturers will have one or more common parts failure that is synonymous with their brand. While this does not detract from the quality of the brand or the vehicles they produce as a whole, vehicle owners should always be aware of some of the foibles of their make or model of vehicle.

One such quirk that Mini is well known for is VVT failure in their Cooper and Countryman models. In this article, we will explore what the VVT does, signs of failure, and what you should do to resolve this problem.

What is VVT and what does it do?

The Variable Valve Timing, VVT, is a fairly new addition to vehicles. This part works with the valve lift to improve both the way that your Mini drives and also how it digests fuel. When the VVT is working correctly, it will make sure that no ounce of your fuel goes wasted. It will also streamline your driving experience by precisely opening and closing valves to achieve optimum road conditions. The VVT valves were actually first intended to only reduce gas wastage, but it was discovered that this component increased speed and performance too.

Signs and Symptoms of VVT failure

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of VVT failure will help you know as soon as an issue occurs. This will mean you can deal with the problem quickly, reducing the risk of further damage or cost.

Check Engine Light

There are a whole host of reasons as to why your Mini’s onboard computer might decided to illuminate the check engine light. One such reason is damage or excessive wear to the VVT. The check engine light is designed to illuminate by the computer when issues surrounding the engine or its connected systems occurs. As it is connected to the engine systems and can impact on your car’s overall performance, a failing VVT valve can be enough to illuminate this light.

Expired Oil

VVT problems can be a direct issue of the health of your engine oil. If the oil has expired or become overly contaminated, then it can impact the VVT’s performance by clogging valves and obscuring its function. Therefore, to keep your VVT healthy, you should keep on top of oil changes and top ups.

Engine Fluctuates

When the VVT stats to fail, you will notice your gears begin to underperform. This will cause the engine to stall and fluctuate, creating an unpredictable driving performance. This change in performance can become a dangerous distraction, so should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Lowered Fuel Economy

As the main purpose of the VVT is to make sure that not a drop of fuel is wasted, if it is failing, then your Mini will no longer be able to make the most of its fuel as it used to. This will result in a noticeable drop in gas mileage, meaning you will need to visit the pumps more often.

Dealing with VVT Failure

The number one way to handle VVT failure is to seek diagnostics and repairs as soon as possible. You should always make sure to bring your Mini to experienced mechanics who are ideally specialists in your make of car. This will ensure that those working on your vehicle know its parts inside out and will be able to undertake repairs correctly.

Secondly, you should always keep on top of your maintenance practices, as this will help you deal with VVT failure by preventing failure from occurring at all.

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