Keeping your Mercedes in the best condition possible is always a priority. One part that has a tendency to fail is the thermostat. The best way to minimize additional damage that can occur if this part fails is by knowing what the thermostat does and what signs will alert you to a failure.

The Function of the Thermostat

As the engine runs, heat is constantly being created and emitted. If there was not a system in place that regulated this heat, your Mercedes would overheat every time you drive. This is where the coolant comes in.

The coolant circulates through the engine and works to absorb most of the heat that is being emitted. The part that regulates the coolant circulation is the thermostat. It may seem like a simple part, but it has a crucial role in the overall function of your Mercedes.

The thermostat is a valve that is located in the cooling system. It works to control the amount of coolant that is released into the engine, and it also keeps track of how much coolant is being cooled when it enters the radiator.

Without the thermostat, the engine may not get the amount of coolant that it needs to prevent overheating. The thermostat will only activate the coolant once the engine reaches a certain temperature. So if the thermostat is not functioning properly or has completely failed, you are going to experience issues with your Mercedes.

Common Signs of Thermostat Failure

The best way to ensure that your Mercedes is running in its optimal condition, you should be aware of the signs that point to a failed thermostat.

One sign is the temperature gauge reading high. As the driver, you will know the temperature under the hood at all times because there is a gauge on the dashboard. This gauge reports the temperature readings that the thermostat is providing.

When the temperature gauge remains in the red for an extended period of time, this means that there is an issue with the thermostat. This sign is also seen in conjunction with the engine overheating. The temperature reading at a high level means that coolant is not being released from the engine, so it is producing an uncontrolled amount of heat, thus leading to it overheating.

Another sign that will alert you to thermostat failure is the temperature changing in an erratic way. This means that in one moment you will see that the gauge reads abnormally low and then in the next moment it will read abnormally high. The thermostat has failed because it can no longer report the correct temperature.

If the thermostat cannot perform its main function, the engine will not receive the proper amount of coolant. This will lead to poor engine performance that can be seen throughout numerous parts under the hood.

One last sign that you should be aware of is a coolant leak either around the thermostat housing or forming under the vehicle. When the thermostat is unable to correctly read the temperature, it will not release the coolant. The coolant gets backed up behind the valve instead of being allowed to flow as intended. Having nowhere to go, the coolant will leak.

You can easily identify a coolant leak under your Mercedes because coolant is normally a bright color, such as green or pink, and it has a sweet smell.

Dealing with Thermostat Failure

Driving with a failed thermostat is not recommended because it can lead to the damage of other parts under the hood. To prevent overheating, Mercedes Thermostat Replacement the moment you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, you should bring your Mercedes into your trusted mechanic at Escondido German Auto.

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