When purchasing a Porsche, what you receive in return for a higher price than other sports cars is confidence in the vehicle’s quality and performance capabilities. If a mechanical issue arises in your Porsche, it can be an expensive repair due to the cost of its highly engineered parts. Regular maintenance and care is a strong deterrence to engine failure.

One way to predict future trouble is to check for metal shavings in your engine oil. Let’s discuss the causes of shavings in your Porsches oil and potential signs, so you can have your car checked before engine failure results.

Signs Your Porsche May Have Metal Shaving in the Oil

You may see some operating symptoms in your Porsche that could indicate metal shavings in your oil. If you have any of the following symptoms, have your vehicle taken to an authorized Porsche technician.

  • Knocking or Ticking sounds coming from your engine compartment may be a sign of low oil. If your Porsche’s oil is too low, it can cause your car not to have the optimum lubrication for the engine, leading to shavings.
  • Vibrations or Rough Idle can be an effect of oil issues. When proper lubrication is not present, the moving parts of your engine cause friction with one another. The result is a motor that will run rough and vibrate.
  • Overheating will occur with improper and damaged oil. The friction built up in the engine will cause your Porsche to overheat beyond the coolant’s capability to keep it under temperature.
  • Low Oil Level or Check Engine Light may come on whenever your engine meets the conditions required for metal shavings to appear.
  • Engine Failure may seem self-evident, but it should be on the list to remind us that oil metal shavings in oil can cause a catastrophic and expensive failure in your Porsche’s engine. Do not allow your vehicle to get to this point. If any of the other above symptoms show themselves, take your car to a pro.

Causes of Metal Shavings in Your Porsche’s Oil

There are several reasons your Porsche will have metal shavings in the oil. Below we have outlined several of those causes.

Operating Your Porsche Outside of Acceptable Limits

Driving your Porsche under normal conditions will cause wear to your engine over time. However, a well-maintained vehicle will take years to show damage resulting in shavings in your oil. Running your Porsche past the “red line” on rpm’s can result in damage to your engine immediately and especially over time. The red indicator on the RPM tachometer is displayed to the driver to prevent engine damage. Operate your Porsche within rpm limits to avoid issues with your engine.

Using Cheap Oil in Your Porsche

There are many oils on the market, and all are designed specifically for different types of applications. Some choose a cheaper oil at changes, thinking this will save money. This is a mistake. Using an oil not recommended for your Porsche can lead to metal shavings in the oil due to excessive wear from lack of lubrication. Always use the recommended oil for your Porsche.

Skipping Oil Changes

Just as using the wrong oil for your vehicle, running with damaged or unclean oil can cause the same issues. Over time, even the most efficient oils will break down with your engine’s heat, causing you to lose lubrication between the moving parts. Metal shavings may be the result. The only way to solve this issue is to adhere to your scheduled servicing.

It is easy to get caught up in life and put the necessities to the side. Don’t let regular oil changes be one of them. Going over the recommended time and miles for oil changes will wreak havoc on your Porsches engine.

Using the Wrong Service Center

Using discount oil change services may sound like a good idea when you receive a coupon in the mail, they are not what you want to use with your Porsche. Most of these quick-service centers are staffed with untrained employees without much experience. Not only can the quality of their work be suspect, but they are usually not trained in what to look for during an oil change.

How To Prevent Metal Shavings in Your Porsche

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