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Porsche Reduced Fuel Economy

When you have a high-performance vehicle like a Porsche, it is your duty as the car owner to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained for as long as you use it. While you cannot always avoid the occurrence of a technical or manufacturing flaw, you should always service your Porsche. One of the parts to check during your car service is the fuel pump. If you neglect an issue like a fuel pump leak, your car’s efficiency and excellent performance may suffer.

How to Identify a Leaking Fuel Pump

A leaky fuel pump is a serious problem that could result in a disaster. When your fuel pump starts leaking, you will have issues, such as leaving puddles of fuel wherever you go. Since fuel is highly combustible, it may start a fire and severely damage your car or your garage.

If you observe any of these warning signs, then you should take action immediately to reduce the possible damage. Spotting these symptoms early will save you money on more expensive repairs, and it will allow you to drive your Porsche safely.

Gasoline Smell

If you smell gasoline or notice a little pool of gas under your vehicle, then you might have a leaking fuel pump. The smell of fuel is easily noticeable, you do not even need a diagnostic tool to detect its odor. Since we all usually get into our vehicle and drive off almost immediately, a simple glance beneath the car every now and then will help you notice a leak before it becomes a major problem.

Reduced Fuel Economy

When a fuel pump leak occurs, fuel is lost. Your fuel gauge may alert you that your fuel has dropped, but how do you become sure that it is a leak? Fill up your tank before driving to work and take note of the amount you have at the start of the day. When you drive back home, take note if it has decreased while sitting in the parking lot. Leaking fuel can be very frustrating and costly.

Problems with Performance

When your Porsche’s engine sputters and fails to approach your deserved speed, it is a big issue that will be frustrating. When your sports car fails to function as expected, it might be due to a fuel pump problem. This occurs when the engine does not receive enough gasoline to meet the driver’s demand. This is most noticeable while driving uphill or attempting to speed up to merge or pass another car.

Internal Temperature

A quick glance at the temperature gauge might help you spot a fuel pump leak. When you check your vehicle’s internal temperature, if it reads high and continues to rise, you have a serious problem. This simple check can forewarn you of a potentially disastrous situation. A fire might start if your vehicle becomes too hot in combination with a combustible fluid, such as gas. This might cause harm and could possibly be fatal, so proceed cautiously.

How to Maintain Your Fuel Pump

There are steps you can take to increase the life of your fuel pump and reduce the likelihood of a leak. You can help yourself by constantly using quality gasoline. Consider well-known brands and gas stations. Don’t stop by when the gas station is being restocked, since this procedure stirs up the dirt and debris in the tank and can harm your fuel pump.

You can also keep your fuel pump covered and maintained by never running your gas to empty since this allows any deposits in the fuel tank to become lodged in the pump. These little steps may save you a lot of money on repairs and give you more time to enjoy your vehicle.

Porsche Fuel Pump Repair

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