Mercedes cars are absolute marvels. With the brand being around for more than 90 years, Mercedes has had the time through sheer determination to always improve on their cars, thereby providing luxury experiences to drivers. As durable as they may be, the different models may develop issues with sensors and, most importantly, parking sensors.

Parking sensors are essential for all vehicles as it was created to notify drivers of any barrier around while parking, aiding parking without causing damage to your vehicle. There are different types of parking sensors which are used in vehicles: ultrasonic, electromagnetic sensors, or radar sensors are examples of parking sensors.

How Do Mercedes Parking Sensors Work?

When you are about parking or reversing your Mercedes, the parking sensor detects obstacles around your car and alerts you by emitting a sound. The more you move closer to an obstacle, the louder the sound the parking sensor emits. This sound informs you of your closeness to obstacles, and you need to stop moving in that direction.

Parking sensors usually come with a display that shows your closeness to the obstacle. This display comes in bars, and the more bars that light up, the nearer you are to an obstacle. There are different types of parking sensors:

  • Ultrasonic sensor: It emits sound waves in a frequency that is extremely high, too high for the human ear to detect. The car is able to detect the distance between itself and an obstacle with an ultrasonic sensor. It usually comes in sets that team up to work efficiently.
  • Electromagnetic sensors: Emit radio waves at radio frequency. Once the wave is obstructed by an obstacle, it reflects back to the vehicle at a different frequency; the vehicle, in turn, identifies the change in frequency and sums up the distance between the vehicle and the object. It is usually at the back bumper of the vehicle.
  • Radar- Radar is usually mounted at the side of the vehicle to detect oncoming vehicles.

Advantages of parking sensors

  • Parking sensors are very convenient. It reduces the stress of parking in an enclosed corner without worrying about hitting obstacles and going through traffic.
  • Due to a bigger emitter beam, the sensitivity of the measurement is lower to unevenness underneath the vehicle.

Disadvantages of parking sensors

  • It is complex to fix an ultrasonic sensor in a vehicle because it is fixed around the bumper of the vehicle. The bumper has to be drilled.
  • They drain lots of power.
  • They hardly function properly under a cover plate.

Faulty Parking Sensors

Mercedes parking sensors are prone to damage and wear over time. The issue may be caused by debris or disconnected wires on the parking sensor. It is important to detect and fix these issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

It is also important to find an experienced car repair company with reliable services to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Mercedes Parking Sensor Installation

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